Monday, December 1, 2008


Now i shout it from the mountain that i believe in God.
Just borrowing the words from 'zoegirl' but aint it true?

I believe in God.

I thought about it recently and the most convincing reason i have is sanity.

Yes!! Sanity.
The thought of a supreme being who loves you and is in charge of ordering your steps in this insane world we are in is so darn reassuring.

I mean if we stop the arguments about science for a minute and think. Do you want to live in a world where there is really no meaning and purpose? No reassurance of a greater good?

Hell NO!!!

So i choose to believe in God. I believe that part of me on the inside that inspires me to be a better person is not only my conscience but the spirit of God living in me.

I choose to believe that just like there is light and dark there is God and the devil.

I choose to believe that even though the devil is on the other side of the chess board he is in NO way equal to the opponent he has picked.

I choose to believe that my life has a purpose and direction. A plan.

I choose to believe in the bible. Sometimes i question but i believe.

I choose not to despair but to have faith and assurance that i was made by God and did not just come into being by some cells mating up and multiplying.

I choose life and not death (As some religions seem to be doing today). Shoot me. I aint politically correct. No human being is faultless so i am not casting stones but if the shoe fit wear it!!

I choose the path of wisdom and not foolishness.

I choose humility and not pride (Britney got a real problem with her attitude on xfator - I aint judging though).

I choose to say i am weak and not the tooshest in the world but God makes up for all my short comings.

I choose HIS strength in my weakness.



Friday, October 31, 2008


Dear Blog of Unbiased,

I am so sorry for not visiting because it seems i got writers block. Lately i have been going round other blogs and everyone seems to have this important role their blog play. Like they got a magazine or are writing a book, something sha. What has unbiased got? This wonderful blog where i come to express my thoughts to. Like a diary or a lover's ear.

Well I have a man whose ear I wear out quite frequently so when I come to you I have nothing to say. Another thing is there has just been too much bad news lately and I decided a while back not to talk to you about bad stuff.

So where does that leave us? Right!! Updating you abi?

My poor poor fingernail is growing out nicely. No, it did not fall off and come Christmas I wont have any mark whatsoever. Thank you Jesus!!

I am so so head over heels stark raving in love with God's gift to me. Notice I said to ME and not to women. 'Women' whoever you are, back the hell off. lol!!
We aint in the same city at the moment so it is driving me slowly insane (The back and forth thing). Hopefully it will be resolved before I completely loose my mind. (PS: That is not our picture. just some random couple).

Ohh i almost forgot. Bloggy guess what??
Unbiased got chartered. Ohh yes. From now on you will address me as Engr Unbiased. Finally I get some initials after my name. See me trying to be excited. I expected to feel different when i finally became a chartered engineer but slap me silly, I don't feel anything.

I am almost panicking. I don't feel different. That is so scary. So what other BIG thing can happen? I hope when i get married I feel this big difference in me o!! Not that i am getting married, madam gbeborun blog but when things happen should we not feel the difference within? I really don't know.

Anyways Christmas is here again o and i am finding money to go and do the whole lasgidi thing. Weddings galore, tailors to see, places to go and suya to eat. Fingers crossed sha.

Till i find more to say, Unbiased over and out.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Poor poor Unbiased!!!!
I got my nail hit by the car door two days ago. Now before anyone asks me the question i have been getting lately (How did you do that?) let me say that it was not a deliberate act.

How now? I no like pain at all at all. Long and short is i got a bad bleed under my fingernail and had to have a hole made in the nail to drain out all the blood.
Cool yeah? Nope the pain damn near killed me.

Something funny about pain though. If you have it long enough, you feel it less. The pain has not reduced but my tolerance for it has increased. It has become some weird part of me. Like my brain stopped receiving the pain message from my finger.

Lesson learned?

  1. Don't let your finger get caught in a car door.
  2. If you have pain anywhere (Physically, emotionally or mentally), sort out the source of the pain fast or it will become an unconscious part of you that you wont know you are carrying around.
Unbiased over and out.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008




Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Hey peeps!! Just wanted to give a shout out to our very own Darkelcee!!! Happy Birthday babes!!

Ps: Unbiased managed to catch flu in our wonderful 20 degree weather. (sob sob) My nose hurts.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Blogville idols continues!!! Yeah your babe got disposed at the first round. My bad. Not enough publicity. But then my personal life has been a riot.

My support on the idol front is never wavering. A shout out to my babe brown sugar. You were not supposed to leave yet dear. It really must be due to your song arriving late. Don't kick yourself thought. You did very well.

I had a dream. All of us that got eliminated got together to do a magazine interview complete with photo shoot. And there i was looking at this 2 page spread and wandering, 'When did i do this?' Hmmmmm identity made public. lol!!!!! Warever sha!! The competition must be very hot to invade my dreams.

Aside from that my life has been one thing or the other. I cant call them problems o!! Just situations to be handled. Lately there have been so many. I am almost overwhelmed but by the grace of God there ain't nothing i cant pass through. It is all to make me stronger. You dig?

I actually sat down and lined up all my closest friends in my head. All of them though on the surface had rosy lives, had one thing or the other that they struggled with. Paul aptly named it as the thorn in the flesh. That thing in all our lives that keeps us humbly in God's presence.

I understand the necessity but just once i would like my life (for a month at least) to be devoid of such. The bible says that this builds character. I got that in spades. I really don't want anymore.

Anyways leave that side. My daddy is hinting at visiting me again. This time with my 13yr old baby sis. I hope it is true o!! I miss that child and cant wait to get her in my kitchen. lol!! I'll definitely let you know how it does.

Hey by the way Naija names are now famous o!! Nicky Kidman named her daughter Sunday. I thought that was a boy's name. lol!!!

Keep on voting blogsville. My boy Dammy or Abbie to win!!!!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008


I honestly never thought i would be doing this. Well i have finally recorded my first entry with fear and trepidation and it is all sent in. I do not in anyway underestimate my fellow contestants at all.
All in all it is the trying that counts abi? Come on people i deserve some points for that.

Please vote for me and reward my courage. lol!!

I would like to say hi to my fellow idol finalists who were kind enough to stop by. Brown Sugar and Tears. Also our hostess Miss Tarry plus who for some funny reason is nervous. Imagine!!! It is well sha.

Somehow or the other Mr Ugo Daniels is back in Blogsville. Hmmmmmmmm Na to support me cause am. (Blush blush) I feel so special. I am also putting a shout out to Aunty Pink and Sister Elcee who are the wind in my sail propelling me along to the finish line. Olamild thanks for stopping by.

See i don't know if this is a grammy speech or a bye speech. Your votes decide so click on the picture to the right that says blogville idol contestant and vote to keep your girl unbiased in the running. Thanks folks!!!!

Monday, June 30, 2008


Yes peeps!! It is official!!

Unbiased is a blogville idol contestant. The thing is i really have no idea what to sing. Any suggestions?
Please make it easy. My voice ain't that strong at all. lol!!

I feel so nervous. I am literally shaking. I am thrilled, excited and scared as hell of being crap.
Come on people. Let me feel the love. Puleeeeeze!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


How did i ever stay away so long? Things have been happening but laziness just never let me blog. It's like stopping a routine. It is so hard to start again.
My latest discovery is 'Waging War' by Priscilla 'Cece' Winans.

For some reason i cant get the song out of my mind. She said something that struck something deep within me.

'My weapon of power He lives within. I can't be defeated, the enemy has gotta flee'.

and i realized that all i needed to fight away all that plagued me was hiding somewhere deep within.

The power to control my finances, my heart, my actions, my time, my relationships, my career, etc. It all lies within.

I have found over time that truly the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

We all want to do well but we never go from the wanting to the doing.

All that's changed. I am definitely on the 'doing' path.

Can't really explain why the long absence but we will just put it all down to dog work for career advancement and worry over the crumbling economy.

Blogsville idols is here again!!!!!

I have decided to try out. You never know i just might turn out to be good. My voice has once been described as Melting dark chocolate on a cold night in (Whatever that means. lol).

So all in all blogville idols, here i come.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I am totally in love with this girl. My first memory of Nike was of this cute dark girl dressed in white waiting for the doors to be open for sunday service (She must have been around 10yrs old then. lol). I thought i was early but i never seemed to beat her to it.
Her absolute love for music was as unquestionable as her love for God. We never really got close close but every time our paths brushed i always was amazed at her evolution.

Right now she is on top of my list. It took a while for the album to come out but it was worth the wait. Straight to the top of the international charts if you ask me but then make up your minds.

The video below is for her current single - Never felt this way before. Amazing!!!! It is rare to be blown away by a video to a christian song especially a Nigerian one but blown away you'll be. Sorry Ty but 'greenland' just got displaced.
(Notice Mr. Magic man himself Cohbams? Yeah!! Dude's associated with excellence everywhere. lol!!)

Monday, April 21, 2008


This whole weekend i wanted to get some quality rest so i basically slept Saturday away in front of the TV with cereal and popcorn.

Sunday i got to read the psalm in church. yayyy!!! My Bible experience sure helped. (You all need to go and buy it). I learned how to read with all the emotions and fire the passage demanded. I felt i was able to carry people on a journey to feel what the writer felt when he wrote the psalm.
Truth is i nearly bawled my eyes out. lol!!
So fast forward to the sermon.

It was based on 1st Samuel 14. See Saul (the king before David) was camped out waiting for the prophet to enquire from God on what to do (start the battle or not). Obviously his naughty headstrong son Jonathan got tired of waiting, crept out of camp and decided to start the fight.

His papa had 600 soldiers but bobo decided that two against an army was a fair fight (After all he had God on his side abi?). Long and short, God helped out and the battle was won. Saul woke up and decided not to wait but seize the opportunity to finish what God has started.

So now preacher looks at us and asked who would you be? Saul or Jonathan. 'Saul', i said before i could hold back. The church used that moment to go deathly quiet. (ye mo gbe). I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me but lo and behold the thing no greee cooperate.

On a serious note though let's be truthful with one other. How many of you would carry yourselves and go do a 2 versus an army (Sorry but the bible didn't say how many the philistines were) fight? I understand the philosophy of no pain no gain but................

I wouldn't go o!! I would rather play dead and hope a dead body fall on me to protect me sef. We are talking life and death, blood and gore. Not unbiased o!!
I am all for sticking up for what you believe in but i also pick my fights. The prophet is still consulting so what assurance did Jonny have that he was not on a suicide mission?

He was not even with another soldier o!! Just an armour bearer. Probably a young teenage boy. If i was his shield carrier i would have done both number 1 and 2 in my pants and run off to go and tell his father on him fast fast. Did you know that Saul took a census to find out who left camp before deciding to help out? He waited to count and name 598 people. Honestly there must have been angels on the battle field that day for that boy not to die.

Well God did save the day and gave them the victory. He responded to Jonny's blind faith in him and rewarded his courage.

It sounds good and all and i rejoice but all i am saying is i would not have done that kain thing. Does that make me a coward?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Let me confess. I have been blog absent for a reason. My cat is out of the bag. A few people actually know my blog as in relation to it being 'MY' blog. Damn!! It is seriously affecting my blog honesty.

Well that aside i have been a busy bunny. Having fun. I never realised how much i let pass by. Well since my last post i have done quite a bit. Cant blog it all now can i? So I'll throw in some highlights.

Last weekend i gave myself a much needed mini holiday in Manchester. Now i always wanted to go but due to reasons Naomi knows i haven't been able to get to it. (I might as well get it out there. Naomi is pissed i finally made it to Manchester after she moved out of the region. lol!! Sorry girlfriend it was not intentional).

Well back to my holiday. Two days before flying out i finally broke down and joined the bag ladies. Yes oluwa-unbiased is now bag crazy. All colours and sizes. I am currently up to 4 in a week. There are so many different shades of the same colour. I would have to have a bag for each and every outfit. Have i gone on a downward spiral here? I really cant be sure. What you guys think? Should i go back to my boring black? The jury is still out on that. lol!!

Now back to my wakadugbe. I absolutely got to see almost everything. Shopping, a movie, touring, rides, a baptism, a 70yr birthday bash, etc. The list goes on and on. I also lost weight i think. Honestly the best way to lose weight is to become a tourist and ditch the car. lol!!

Also i hooked up with a new lover. I met him at Mille's Cookies. He comes with a tapered cone but is also available in a cup. Absolutely delish. Goes by the name of hokey pokey (White chocolate, with honeycomb pieces and caramel). Kai!! My fingers are shaking thinking of the 'it'. By the way you may say it is just ice cream but you gotta try it to understand the obsession unbiased is in right now. In fact it shall be part of my marriage contract. If you want a pickin supply me with 9months of hokey pockey (Ice cream for all the dirty minds out there). There goes my weight chasing me down and overtaking me again. Couldn't i fall in love with a special k bar?

There are a lot more things i do have to say about my trip but liver fail me. Will my uninhibited thoughts make people perceive me differently? I really don't know. Do i get less personal on my blog and keep certain stuff or do i just go start another anonymous blog? I am still thinking.

Work has been a bitch so i am off to sleep now jo. The madness does start again tomorrow and after 4 days of no work getting into the groove is a little bit exhausting. To all the gunners out there. he he he he he he he!!!!!!!

Update: If anyone (foolish somebody or no) has any dumb ass thing to say to me, i have an email address you can mail me on. Dont drop some stupid comment on my blog. I got comment moderation so it is up to me if it gets posted. At least have the balls to write your name instead of being anonymous. The foolish somebody whose comment i just deleted knows who they are.
Sorry people i just got really pissed.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Yeah THE mood is upon me again. I am at a major cross road right now. There is nothing that really ticks me off more than not having a clear plan for what to do next. I feel out of sorts.

Like i am on a never ending wheel of wake-eat-work-eat-work-home-tv-eat-sleep. Like Stacie Orrico sang, 'There's gotta be more to life'.

I have thought long and hard about this and i think what i really gets people by is being a testimony. That's why we have friends, family, lovers and enemies. So that there will be someone out there who can tell of our lives. Who can watch our progress through life and either cheer on or jeer on.

It's almost like a stamp of approval proving your existence in this world. If i am right then I should feel fulfilled (considering the abundance of people in my life to testify lol) but i am not. As human beings do we ever get satisfied? Is there not always something more to strive for?

Maybe i am an overachiever and don't literally know when to stop. I must have the same spirit that Paul had when he said, 'Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on, that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me'. I find i am not alone in my dilemma. It ain't a new problem at all. Is there a solution? I would like to think so.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ignore my 5 minutes madness for the day. I once said that Boredom is one step down from madness. How true is that? Very very true. Out of boredom i have nearly convinced myself that i am not just bored but depressed.


PS: This mood i can boldly lay at CATWALQ's door step. Her friday post has sent me into tears already today.

Update: London Buki's mom died. Please keep her in your prayers. My prayer is for strength for the whole family through this time of grief.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Yes it arrived. Finally!! Sometime back i blogged about the Bible experience here. Well the Cd's finally found their way into my clutches. Easter present? Yes it is.

Thank you Mr Easter bunny (in my little kiddie voice).

Yippee i cant wait to go hear Revelations. For some reason i can't put my foot on i understand more with this bible (Well i just started so don't take my word for it).
Naomi eat your heart out babes. Unbiased got her bible!!!
Peace offering has been accepted. lol!!
Off i go to listen. To be back later!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Darlings!!! I sincerely apologise. Book no let me blog. But all that is over now. yayy!!! I don't even need the results sef. I know beyond any shadow of doubt that i have not just passed but done so exceptionally well.

As i return back to my darling whose name is life, i decided to see what i have been missing. I then came upon a story about an 11 year old boy getting married to his 10 year old cousin. Rubbish!!

Olorun ma je ka ri oshi (God don't let us see nonsense)!! Said boy had the audacity to say that now he is married he can concentrate on his studies. Omo primary school!!

"I am ready for this marriage. It will help me study better," Mohammed, who goes to primary school in the northern province of Hail, was quoted by Al-Shams as saying.
"I invite all my classmates to do like me," the boy said, adding that he wanted to "crown a love story through marriage".
(A 10 year old now knows about love?)
The schoolboy's father, Muraizak al-Rashidi, told the newspaper he was busy sending out invitations for a summer celebration to seal the marriage. (Am i the only sane person here that thinks say papa brain dey touch sef)
Dahim al-Jaber, the headmaster at Mohammed's school, said marriage at such a young age was "inappro
priate" but wished the couple a happy life together.

Omo ti oye ki e no! Imagine an 11 year old in your acquaintance (lets no even go as far as family) yarning this kind of thing near you. Your reactions?
I am sure that some of them are unprintable sef. Needless to say that your actions will bring about a change of heart (cough cough).

That aside, i made cupcakes today. Yes Cupcakes with some nice coconut flakes on the top which accounts for the lovely golden brown colour. Not because i made them do i give praise but they are so light and fluffy. Absolute heaven. Melt in your mouth dream. Perfect wife for Hagen Daz. (Can't believe i am sworn off sweet stuff for the week. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

Well Monday was 'Paddy's day and we had a 'humble parade' in the village where i find myself. I included a few pics but not much as my computer is taking too long to upload.

Also last weekend i went to the Marble arch caves. The experience is only for those who love nature and like to do live tours. if not then it was just a bunch of people walking about in underground caverns in the cold looking at the incredible formations and wondering about the awesomeness of God in creating such details. Pictures to come later.

I am beginning to feel some pains in my back and tiredness in my bones. I am off to take panadol and hope this pain is gone by 4am when i need to rise so as not to miss my flight. I am going to the land of Mama Charley tomorrow for Easter break. Any pain in my body, i bind you in the name of Jesus. I counter attack you with nurofen and panadol. Your hold on my body is totally broken. lol!!

I'll come back and tidy this post up later but for now i gotta run and get 4hrs of sleep so as not to sleep on the wheel in the morning. Tata blogsville.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I am definitely not slow but i never seem to really understand when people make decisions until i am in their shoes.
When the frequency of Bella's posts diminished and my darl Bimbylads took a break i was upset. Surely they had time before so what has changed?

Even though i find myself in their shoes i still can't answer the question. I remember when tut decided to give up tapes for dancing shoes (vague i know). I absolutely gave her hell for it only to follow in her footsteps a year later. I must have an extra fuel tank cause i don't run out of steam for a while and that makes it hard to understand when people do. (Note to self. Be more understanding).

I have had so many things to blog about but never the time to pen it all down. Maybe i should have a voice recorder and voice it out as the 'spirit' grips me.

Why is time so elusive suddenly. Did we have a fight and time decided to run on and fly without me?

Okay fine i am on a course which sadly won't end for another month but then there are students that work, school and blog.

Please time darling, whatever i have done to offend thee. Forgive me and return to my arms. Walk slowly with me so that my days are long enough for all my activities.

Shine upon me once more with favour and forget my sins.

(Honestly you can see how deranged i have become looking for time).

Actually it was Darkelcee who knocked on my door and woke me up.

So what have i been doing lately?

Well went clubbing only to discover it ain't for me. I prefer parties where i know at least 40% of the population. It is so much more fun that way. No awkwardness at all. lol!! At least i got to indulge in my favorite past time (dressing up, taking pictures and dancing).

My darling Miss E got a rock!!!!!
Yes o!! Unbiased is gonna be a bride's maid. I am so so so so happy for my girl. Ain't no one deserves it more. Plus imagine i was there to witness (By chance mind you) the 'proposal'. If i wasn't laugh so hard inside at her shock i would have cried alongside her. Honestly it iwill be hard to propose to me after that one o!! Any man wanting to propose altar to me should take lessons from Mr. Y.
Abeg anyone else getting married in naija for december? I gats to fill my schedule. lol!!

I also watched 10,00BC online. Abeg go watch it in the cinema. It was brilliant and as soon as my village cinema gets a move on I'll be watching it big screen too.

Apart from all that i have been mega dry. Reading and trying to land my certificate in half the normal time. Na me biko abi? It shall all be over and i can return back to my normal sef. To all them bloggers that manage to continue being faithful, i hail all of una. 15 gbosas no less.

My weekend is going to be all about the Marble arch Caves. Update on that will be ...................l8r

Just for the almighty laugh. This video is so cute you gotta listen to it.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks finally loaded her video for 'No Air' (feat Chris Brown) on you tube yesterday. It is really hot and me likes. lol!!

Also she seems to have dropped some weight. Can't really put my finger what else has changed about her but she looks very HOT!!

The embedding is disabled so you gotta go to you tube to see it. Use this link: Jordin - No air

Sorry did i say i couldnt find it? Naa not gbeborun unbiased!! Found it. ha ha ha!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Imagine since the 2nd of August, this is my 100th post. Hurray!!! How time flies. I really cant believe it. I have had my ups and my downs but through my joys and sorrows, one thing remains constant. My blog. This amazing ode to my existence.

I started here as just a means to try my hand at journalism but over time it came to be a place of trust. A place where i can lay down my triumphs and failures both.

I feel such gratitude to the people who do come by here and have left comments to lift me up in my times of trial.
I appreciate the few friendships i have with some fellow bloggers. Most of all i thank God without whom we all won't be here.

For the past couple of days, I have had writers block. Do i dare call it that? Is the truth just that i have been plain busy and that well of inspiration within me is being pumped elsewhere?
I have filled my plate to overflowing.

Is it an escape? I am tired of living on my own in the shadows. Should i not come out into the light and say 'World here i am'. The last couple of months started out with joy and bliss. I was loved and in love. The world was well and everything was wonderful with me.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Beware all that seems too good for it all comes as a price. Those words seem so clear to me now. I have heard all the advice given and have decided to open my cleaned heart once again.

I am ready to take life by the horns. Seize the moment and handle every opportunity. I pray they come. I pray that my next couple of posts will be testimonies of how in the bleakest of times God's light shone through.

In the meantime, i am taking CATWALQ at her invitation to see who is the Blog-chef. We might have to be judged by sight and not taste. lol!! Anyways write to me girlfriend and let's see how we want to do this.

My dad has gone back to naija (sniff sniff). I miss hearing someone plodding around the house.
I miss our stimulating conversations.
I miss having someone to eat all my wonderful creations.
Apart from the extra heat, having him around was so much fun. It was nice to have him in my house as a guest as opposed to me being a guest in his house all my life.

While he was around i disliked it intensely. On thinking deeply, i discovered that it was fear. Fear that once he left, the loneliness would be unbearable. Now i know i definitely need a housemate. In fact, i am off to advertise now and to celebrate my 100th post.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I feel so drained these days. Like literally tired. I give props to all the moms out there that not only do what I’ve been doing but stay up half the night with their holy wailers!! Lol!!

My dad is visiting and I really need to chronicle this accurately. I have been reverted back to what I used to be. A cook!! He has been cool not to really stress me in that direction but I am just intrigued with the idea of having to cook regardless of if I feel like it or not. I’ve been turning out some really cool 'Olowoshibi' sturvs and I must say I am bursting with pride on my creations. Needless to say his stomach is already protruding after 3 days. Lol!!

On the other hand, I am being cooked!! That's right!! Roasted like a chicken in my own home. It's below freezing outside and the only way I can sleep is to turn off my radiators and leave the window open. The heat is killing me!!! Needless to say I can’t restrict him to his room like a child and localize the heat. It's not even about the money any more because he is paying for all this extra heat. I just feel like my house will go up in smoke with all the extra heat in the house.

I need help somebody! How do you survive with someone on naija body thermostat? Slowly my brain is being cooked mercilessly. I need help. I am too tired to blog or read. The only thing I save my energy for is work!!! Imagine the headstone. HERE LIES UNBIASED WHO WAS SLOWLY ROASTED TO DEATH. Tofiakwa. Mo ko!! Mo ye!! Honestly this is whack (blogging at 5am just for blogging sake). I am going back to bed jo! My consolation? In 2 weeks this will all pass.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


This post is so self explanatory if you watch the reading of the poem. I can't stop listening to it right now. It's by Blair Wingo.

Friday, February 1, 2008


A friend of mine said to me one day, 'What you do in the first couple of months of the year will set a tone for your whole year'. In my mind i said 'GOD FORBID'. Tofiakwa!!!

My years always seem to start rocky. That better not be even remotely true. I think what she meant was that the goals you set for yourself and act on at the begining of the year will bear fruit in that year. (Much better-that i can live with. lol!!)

In 2007, i started the new year in church. Tired but with this conviction that if i commit my whole year to the Lord great things are sure to follow. Well all i remember about the day that followed is that i got ticked off, frustrated and had a good cry. Nothing tamautic though cause the year went on to be one of accomplishments.

This year, well i did the same thing and it is all repeating itself. January is the pits!! But picking yourself up is really the best you can do. Febuary is here and like a new month i know it holds new beginings for me. Forgetting all that is behind and PRESSING on towards the mark. I have goals and i am running hard to see them come to pass.

So for some of you guys who feel like all the potential of the new year hasn't kicked in, remember that just as the sun always rises to take the night away so shall this new month be.

A time for all the badness, bleakness and pain to go away.
A time for the healing process to be complete.
A time for you to go from one level to another.
A time for you to let go of your regrets.
A time for you to find joy in the little things.
A time to smile for no reason.

Honestly i think i will just come out and say some of what is bugging me jo!!! I think my biological clock is either ticking or being tampered with. Everyone around me is pregnant. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

I am such a baby lover that it's slowly driving me insane. I have to get my act together and move to a place where i have single friends with no kids. The temptation is just too overwhelming.

To make matters worse they all have 'New bride syndrome'. You know the one where they believe that because they are married and have kids everyone should do the same? OMG!!!! It sucks like hell. I can't even find it within me to congratulate a stranger. I have to have known you for like a year for it to be genuine o!!!

Am i evil? I cant say. Green with envy? Hell yeah.
Damn venting helps. (See me now laughing at myself).

Now i am on the level where i think of the hell of no sleep and night feeds. Honestly why cant we deliver 2yr old kids. That's the age they start to be fun.

Okay no venting. Today is friday. I need to find some fun. Get back into the groove. Get a life. Become intersting. Tata for now blogsville. I am off to spread my wings and fly. lol!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I have had my head scrambled lately. I have been making some BIG life decisions and the thoughts are weighing me down.
Have i gone wrong?
Am i making a mistake?
Do my reasons make sense anymore?
Why does the whole world think i am wrong?
I am being dogged.

Do people always have to speak the doubts in your mind? Instead they should trust that you alone make your decisions and as you make your bed so shall you lie on it.
Anyways my escape right now is into the world of entertainment and studies.

In my wanderings i noticed that more videos of Resonance had been posted in you tube so i decided to put them up. I particularly like Judgement day. There is this cool scene with the devil that just brought a smile onto my face. Wow the day is looking up already!!
Anyways if you got time and sound you can watch the videos.

The female artiste is Esther Ebigbo (Who happens to be half caste. In my opinion the best of both worlds. lol!!). She released her album in colloraboration with her boyfriend Uche "Guchiano" Ozoigbo (I hope they are still together. At least for album no 2).
Esther studied psychology and Uche "Guchiano" Ozoigbo studied physiotherapy degee at University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus.

Judgement day


Holy Ghost Fire


Friday, January 25, 2008


It was a wiseman that said that when the sewer pipe bursts, everyone runs for cover. Well the mess certainly rained today and i spent the best part of my morning convincing myself that i was not responsible for the mess.

In trying to get my mood back on track i bumped into the video for shock therapy by the Rooftop MC's. It's really cool. You guys need to watch it. Kunle and Sokleva, Well done boys. Cant wait to get my hands on the new album.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Before anyone reads on and decides to crucify me let me confess. No be me write this one o!!!

It's a write up from Tosyn Bucknor (The princess and dream behind 'THESE GENES', our hot sickle cell organization). To find out more go to

So,i had been trying to drum attention for this event for so long and i must tell u,i thought it could flop at about 3.40pm when it didn't seem anyone was going to come and some people were cancelling on me, but by 5pm, it was obvious this was going to end a fun evening!

The CELEB AUCTION is one of the fundraisers to support THESE GENES; the Sickle Cell Project. It will go on for the duration of the project so from now till whenever, you can actually bid on ANY CELEB you might want to hang out with. Yeah, ANY!!!

The media launch was held at WAKA RESTUARANT which is on Karimu Kotun (where L'UOMO is).Kunle KB Bello and Shade Ladipo (facebook addicts), started the show by welcoming the guests! Then ROOFTOP MC's got on stage to perform 'La Gi Mo' which you guys need to hear live to understand how great that song is!!

I also got on stage to tell people what sickle cell is; seeing as i live with the disorder, one would think i would know what it was, but i had to do some little research so it would sound professional but not boring.

In my CLOTHSENSE dress, i looked adorable though. LOL!!! After that, Wole Oguntokun, of the THEATRE @ TERRA fame, got on stage as the auction master and explained the bidding procedure. (err.. highest bidder wins? Yeah) So, we sold FUNKE BUCKNOR-OBRUTHE, ASHIONYE, GIDEON, LAMIDE AKINTOBI, and EBUKA off! Yup! Ebuka's was tough oh! I might have tried to bid, i don't remember. (Selective amnesia).

But, you can still get in on the fun! You can bid on RUGGEDMAN, DENRELE, WILDCHILD, BIMBO AKINTOLA, FELA DUROTOYE, FUNMI IYANDA, MO ABUDU, BANTU, and so many other celebrities, by texting your bids!text 'GENES + CELEB = AMT BIDDED + YOUR NAME' to 33056for eg, 'GENES EBUKA 100,000 TOSYN BUCKNOR' to 33056(please try it now. thanks)

Oh, i forgot to mention that i was 'sold' as well. Ha Ha Ha! Anyways, it was a beautiful and classy event with everyone looking casual glam and i have to say thank you to:WILFRED, Waka BarHENRY, +234 MagFUNKE AWOBOKUN, Cocktails In and Out (who provided all those cocktails FREE, and they were beyond delicious), Zapphaire Events, ALL THE CELEBS THAT CAME, CARL RACCAH, KUNLE BELLO, SHADE LADIPO, WOLE OGUNTOKUN, ROOFTOP MC'S, and so many other people whose names i am sure i have forgotten now, but which, thankfully, i could add, as i go along. Enjoy LAMIDE's pictures from the event, and support the sickle cell project!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Are they good or are they bad? There have been so many deaths /news in the last months relating to drugs. There was model Katie French, Ike Turner, Amy Winehouse, Kate Moss just to name a few.

Well the latest death is Heath Ledger. He was the other boy in Broke back mountain but most will remember him for 'A knights tale' or 'The brothers Grimm'. At the tender age of 28 it seems a little unrealistic abi?

Heath was found dead with precription sleeping pills nearby. There has been talk that he wasnt sleeping more than two hours a night due to stress so it is likely that his death is a mistake due to exhaustion and insomnia. Until the autopsy is done we wont know but all we can do is pray for those he left behind.

I would like to sit in his shoes and find out what he was thinking. Were the drugs the problem or was there something in his life he wished to escape from for only a few minutes. Was it a mask for his pain. Most people say they get into drugs (prescription or hard) just to boost their spirits in a time of low. But then they forget that the thing is addictive and that is where their lives take a down turn.

Like all addictions it needs to be handled carefully. Most other addictions don't kill as fast as drugs which is why their press is not as bad. In times of crisis some turn to nicotine, others alcohol and for some surprisingly sex. I guess when you are down it is the decisions you make that can affect your whole life.

Do you go to your true friends to weather the storm, do you go to church to get that special pick me up or do you get a quick fix it in other ways. Well the choice is up to you but think before you act is all I'll say.

Anyways on a lighter note call me razz or what ever i am so in love with No lele from Dekunle Fuji. Bobo has come a long way from those unilag runs. lol!! So i am putting the video up. If you like shout, 'Unbiased old news'. WHATEVER!!

I cant stand going to youtube all the time so i reserve the right to have some of my favorite videos on my own blog so i am adding Olori oko by infinity to the mix. lol!! (Like i needed to defend myself).

Sunday, January 20, 2008


The latest gist my gbeborun ears have heard is that the heart throb of the ER, George Clooney has been designated U.N. "messenger of peace" to promote U.N activities. In the footsteps of Jolie some might say but i wont even go there. lol!! Anyways Congrats George!!

The thing that really did set me to thinking is that Militants in Nigeria's restive oil region on Saturday invited actor and peace activist George Clooney to visit the area and asked for U.N. intervention in their conflict.

Would you go?

"Mr. Clooney, MEND ( Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta) extends an invitation to you to see things for yourself and is willing to work with you and other credible peace makers of international repute to stop Nigeria from plunging into the abyss of war," the group said in a statement e-mailed to reporters.

Mo gbe!! I never knew that some people were planning another Biafra o!!

Nearly 200 foreign workers have been kidnapped in the region in the past two years; they normally are released unharmed after a ransom is paid. So why this sudden 'cry for help'? I personally don't trust it. Do you?

I think it is something the U.N office in Nigeria should look at. That way it will be people of local knowledge trying to solve a problem not a complete international 'georgie just come'.

Anyways we jump the gun i think in this matter because neither George nor the U.N has made any statement concerning the demand. We'll just keep watching as the matter unfolds.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I feel sort of blue today so the reason for my text colour. My feelings today are of guilt. The sun rises again and everything proceeds as normal like some great tragedy never occurred.

Takes me to the time of the 'war' when people in other parts of the world carried on like everything was normal.

It reminds me of someone begging on the streets and a multitude of people moving about uncaring like he/she is invisible.
It takes me back to the time a trailer cleared 5 cars off the road and because our car was unaffected we drove on thanking God it was not us.

So many thought moving through my head. Do i let go of the pain? Is it right to do so? See me that i am talking like a dumboro sef? Move on? That decision can only be taken when the pain actually decides to let go of it's strong grip on my heart. I am certain that as the sun rises and sets so shall this too pass sha.

I just wish i didn't feel so guilty about being on the road to healing and getting on with life. Has anyone ever felt this? Can you tell me how to feel okay about getting out of the blues? Do i appear like i have forgotten when i move on?

I really don't know but as i said time will tell. It's all on the journey of healing. Maybe some good old gossip news will distract me so i am off to get some.

All thats in the news this morning is that Ike Turner died of a drug overdose (@ that age?). Too sad.
Bella my dear gist-pill supplier has some news on the future awards so i am off to read on that. Hopefully the rest of Blogsville will have updated and thereby contribute to my healing heart.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Usually when something goes wrong, if it is our fault or not we blame the devil. We all (Christians, Muslims, pagans and all) seem to blame everything negative on this fallen angel. It's almost like giving props to the wrong person!!!!
Cant you blunder, ask for forgiveness and move on? Taking the blame for our actions could really clean up the world. Maybe because then we will be rethinking what we do.

Well that is not even what is in my craw today. I am in confusion basically. I have been a christian all my life and never really saw the use in questioning God on issues because you really cant be sure about what catastrophe was avoided by the stumbling block in your way. Right?

Well today my feelings are WRONG!!!
I feel sad as hell. Like i got whipped like a mongrel. See my dad's cousin died late last week and i only just found out. It took a whole 24hrs for me to crack and crack big time it is.

Wonderful man who loves God like crazy. It seemed to me that all he did was live and breathe God. He was someone i thought of and a grin came to my face.

Well now he's gone and buried. Why? He's got a toddler and new born baby. How will they cope? I try to imagine how his wife feels (by mentally stepping in her shoes) but the pain is too great so i take a step back. So this brings me back to the topic of my post. Who do you blame?

Do i dare to question God in his sovereignty? Or do i say it's the devil's work?
Do i ask God why he could not apply the principles of Job to him and spare his life? Or is this a test for his wife? Do i? Do i?

I really don't know. I find myself questioning the meaning of life and the purpose to which we were all created. Was it to leave a mark in this world and if so why? We are born, grow up, work to be the best we can be, die and leave an example for the ones coming behind who will do exactly the same thing? Why do i feel like i am on a never ending circle?

Asking all these questions really doesn't do squat does it? I guess it is a wise person that said time heals all wounds. Let's see if time will heal mine. I have promised myself that indeed i will not dwell but move on from this pain and tragedy.

Who knew that when we prayed to see the new year we should have been praying far far ahead instead? If this truly is some grand plan that my feeble human brain cant comprehend so be it.
All i ask for is Grace that if i offend the eternal Almighty in my pain HE (Jesus) who has endured all will intercede on my behalf.

Hopefully tomorrow i will be back to my normal self. Sorry Blogsville for casting this shadow today. To those who actually did comment on my previous post after my 'Harass', so sorry but the shoe was pinching me. Na so i yan say i want comment.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The holiday story...4

I really wanted to do some holiday gist but there is stuff i need to get out my system first.

Why do well meaning people end up hurting you?
Why do people start sentences with i am not choosing sides when their next words and attitude are just the exact opposite?
Why is it that when you are sensitive about certain subjects and decisions, people get angry when you don't want to talk it out or take their advice?
There are two sides to a coin. Why is it that people don't really see that he that cast the stone in a glass house is cut by the same glass?

I feel that mistakes are meant to be made sometimes and only time can reveal your mistakes to you. You learn from them. Someone once told me that some mistakes are so grave then can make you suicidal.
What? Are you high? It takes more courage to end your life than to actually live it you know? Maybe i am wrong but i often thought that God didn't let me have some illnesses cause i am too squeamish to handle them. Imagine unbiased giving herself an insulin shot? uhh never!!!! lol!! I can even look when i am giving blood or i will start heaving and go into hysterics. lol!!So it is official. No matter what i go through in this life NOTHING absolutely NOTHING can make me join the suicidals. (I just had to make that clear before someone goes and misinterprets me).

Enough of my ranting anyways. We were talking naija holiday abi? The next day in my journey was church. Let me start by saying i have been an usher since secondary school so it is a given that i am relatively well known in church. I have never knelt down so much in my life.

As in after a while, i wanted to stay on my knees so when the next person comes i won't have to go down again. I know that i lost 2kg that day. Not to say church wasn't uplifting and all but i was happy to go home. lol!!

The rest of the day was spent in rest and planning for the next day. I got a call from angel fish who was travelling for Xmas and had only the next day free for lunch so we set a date. I also had to chase my lifesaver of a tailor to hook me up for the engagement and wedding that week. After all it's not as if i could tie the material around me like a wrapper.

The next day came with much excitement and heat. From the tailor who was suppose to deliver my 2 garments by the next morning i headed off to the island. (From this you will have gathered that i don't live on the island).

I first proceeded to my old office. I don't know what pulled me there. A certain curiosity to see if there were any changes or what my life might have been like had i stayed. On getting there i took to the stairs.

'Third floor', i thought. Well i guess it's time to get fit for free.
The door opened as i got there and to any outsider i looked like a girl resuming for work at lunch time. No different. Hmmmmmm i thought and proceeded to go and look for awon eniyan mi (my personal people).

I stopped first at the MD's office and 'uncled' him to death. (Funny enough he actually is my uncle in a round about way o) lol!! We talked about a lot of things, weather, changes in practises, accomplishments, hopes and aspirations, the list goes on and on.

He was so much easier to talk to. Was it because i no longer worked for him? I really don't know but i was glad for it. I went to say hi to everyone else and proceeded to leave and bumped into Mona.

Small world you say. It was nice meeting her. I have only seen her once before so it was like a first meeting again. Calm female i must say. I am usually so animated and want all life has to give at that moment. She is a quieter breed. Watching, looking and learning before she jumps.

Anyways i would have loved to stay and talk about my reintroduction to 'Ikoyi club' suya and barbecue fish but i have a visa appointment now and need to get my ass in gear before i miss it.

So tata and all,

You people that come here sef? I get profile counter o!! Na so so invisible visitors i just dey get for my blog. Abeg leave me a line sometimes. Even if it is just 'Hi'. Thank you.