Saturday, July 24, 2010


I was reading my Bible and all i could think about was science and attitude.
Now scientists have gone to great lengths to produce a perfect vacuum but the slightest shift and it is quickly filled.

There i was in 1 Samuel 17:14. The Spirit of the Lord had left Saul (When God rejected him as King) and moved to David (when he was anointed as King).
The bible says an evil spirit then came to torment Saul (Something had to fill the vacuum). This evil spirit would manifest in his behavior. He had violent bursts of temper and became unreasonable and downright sinful. So through some trick of fate David is brought in to play the harp and soothe the spirit within Saul.

In my opinion, it was not the music but the Spirit of God in David that made Saul's spirit back down.

Something always needs to take an upper hand and i wander what have i stopped doing in my live and what has replaced that time. Analyze your life and see if it is where you want it be and what you can do to get it on track.

Another puzzling thing is David's attitude.
I cant get over it so i will just list it out in points.
  • God sent Samuel to anoint David as King over Israel when he was a mere boy. Then sends him back to watch his father's sheep.
  • He is sent for to come and be a harp player (servant) for the King (Who he can choose to call an imposter.He does not but recognizes that God anointed him King also).
  • He choose to serve him even if he did not always agree with him.
  • He learned from being in Saul's court about being a soldier and king after all what did a Shepard know of kingship?
  • He became friends with Saul's son Jonathan. He did not see him as a contender for the throne but as a brother. In his mind if God had called him to be king he would be and that was the end of it.
  • He learned from Saul's mistakes and kept God as his king and tried his best to serve Him.
  • His attitude is one of 'God anointed me as the NEXT King of Israel'. So he waited for over 20years to hear 'The King is dead, Long live the King'. This happened when he was 37years old.
David's patience and servitude is admirable and worth emulating. Next time my boss pisses me off, i will think of David and how my boss is there to push me to be all God wants me to be.

David only started running into trouble when he disobeyed the laws God had set out and started marrying foreign women. God did not put this law down to slight foreigners but as a way to stop the adoption of foreign cultures that will turn their hearts away from Him.

God also said marry one wife and he strayed from this as well. It's hard enough to handle one wife so i don't know why anyone will want another (Double trouble?). Anyways he had 8 official wives. It is worth noting that he married his second third and fourth wives while in the wilderness running from Saul. They were Ahinoam the Jezreelite; Abigail the Carmelite, (previously wife of Nabal); and Maachah(daughter of Talmai, king of Geshur).

I guess there is too much to be learned so i am going off to learn more but these are the main points for today.
  • Be patient and wait for God's time.
  • Listen to God's law. They are there for a reason and will guide you on the right path.
  • Do not despise your days of humble beginnings. They will make you who you will eventually become.
  • Have a repentant heart. Don't not be too proud to say when you have done wrong and correct the situation.
  • Be humble in what ever position you find yourself and you will eventually be elevated.
Until next time blogville have fun!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

12 STONE??????

Whatever you do don't stop caring about your weight unless you want to do it permanently. There i was going through my 'I don't care' phase and just for kicks climbed the scales.


No wander my head looks so funny. Don't laugh but i have a really small head. I look like an alien!! Tiny head massive body. The hair styles are no longer helping so now i have to suffer and shed the weight abi?


Okay so i was told by Tinkerbell to replace one meal a day with watermelon and that would help. Only problem is i never ate the thing before.

Now after one slice i am now meditating on the words like


Okay enough of the drama. I am going back to work now. I'll let you know if i throw up or loose any weight. Sigh!!

PS: The watermelon does not taste bad but anyone that knows me will testify that my stomach does not like new things at all. I think i might go see a shrink sef.