Saturday, January 30, 2010


Conviction i am told is a strong persuasion or belief. That's the word that came to mind as i heard Mickey say her vows. It was the strong conviction in her voice that gave me the assurance that this was a life bond being sealed here.

Most vows are said in an emotional shaky voice. Sometimes voices crack, others are nervous and some people screw up their lines but not my Mickey. Her words were not a monkey repeat of the priest.

They were words said from one human to another. They were life promises being made. They took marriage from being just a simple ceremony to being what it was intended to be. Two people who have a conviction that they are meant to ride the currents of life together making a promise in front of those important to them that they will do just that.

I wish Mickey and Jazz a wonderful life together. Thanks for the new insight into marriage!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Honey i am home!!

I thought long and hard. How i want to be back home.
No more power cuts.
No more daddy curfews.
No more bank security doors.
No more heat rash.
No more dust in my contacts.
No more credit running out like water.

Back home. yay! (At least until i landed). From 32° to - 5°. The cold ain't even as bad as i thought. I welcome it's cool embrace. It soothes my rash and calms my skin. The air feels good in my lungs.

Then i get home. Glory to Jesus. Somehow when every one's pipe froze, mine didn't. But i have no water. How can i not have running water?

And my car wont start. Ohh what can i say. I joys of settling down. Be right back with 2weeks worth of gist. lol!