Friday, June 18, 2010


Hi Blogikins!!

So i just discovered something new. When bored just get up and do something. All of a sudden new ideas will fill you up like a well.

There i was bored out of my skull and no work to do so i decided to cook.

This was the original idea:

  • Cook some moin-moin (bean cake).
  • Do something with the veal i got last week.
  • Cook the some mean Ila Asepo (Okra) complete with stock fish and ugwu.
  • Boil some rice to keep in the fridge for easy use.
Cool and normal right? So i go to the kitchen, bring out the okra and veal to defrost. Wash some rice in hot water and dump in the rice cooker. Going well.
Now as anyone will know, bean flour will give you the same if not better taste in moin-moin without the extra hassle so i proceed to get my bean flour.

After mixing all those wonderful ingredients (10mins flat), i stared at my foil packs in distaste.

Why cant my moin-moin look stunning?
Why cant i just make it like a big cake and cut slices off when i need it?
Why cant i bake it in a moist oven instead of steaming it?

Well the answer was YES I CAN!!!

So out came the bundt pan.
I sprayed some sunflower on to prevent sticking.
Poured the mixture in.
Covered the top with foil paper to prevent drying out of my moin moin.
Plopped it in the oven.
(Oh yeah added a pan of hot water to the bottom of the over to try to give some moist atmosphere to the oven).

20 mins later is the result you see above. Do you like?

The story of the veal? Hmmm maybe later. lol.

Bye bloggy!! See ya later!!!