Monday, June 30, 2008


Yes peeps!! It is official!!

Unbiased is a blogville idol contestant. The thing is i really have no idea what to sing. Any suggestions?
Please make it easy. My voice ain't that strong at all. lol!!

I feel so nervous. I am literally shaking. I am thrilled, excited and scared as hell of being crap.
Come on people. Let me feel the love. Puleeeeeze!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


How did i ever stay away so long? Things have been happening but laziness just never let me blog. It's like stopping a routine. It is so hard to start again.
My latest discovery is 'Waging War' by Priscilla 'Cece' Winans.

For some reason i cant get the song out of my mind. She said something that struck something deep within me.

'My weapon of power He lives within. I can't be defeated, the enemy has gotta flee'.

and i realized that all i needed to fight away all that plagued me was hiding somewhere deep within.

The power to control my finances, my heart, my actions, my time, my relationships, my career, etc. It all lies within.

I have found over time that truly the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

We all want to do well but we never go from the wanting to the doing.

All that's changed. I am definitely on the 'doing' path.

Can't really explain why the long absence but we will just put it all down to dog work for career advancement and worry over the crumbling economy.

Blogsville idols is here again!!!!!

I have decided to try out. You never know i just might turn out to be good. My voice has once been described as Melting dark chocolate on a cold night in (Whatever that means. lol).

So all in all blogville idols, here i come.