Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Poor poor Unbiased!!!!
I got my nail hit by the car door two days ago. Now before anyone asks me the question i have been getting lately (How did you do that?) let me say that it was not a deliberate act.

How now? I no like pain at all at all. Long and short is i got a bad bleed under my fingernail and had to have a hole made in the nail to drain out all the blood.
Cool yeah? Nope the pain damn near killed me.

Something funny about pain though. If you have it long enough, you feel it less. The pain has not reduced but my tolerance for it has increased. It has become some weird part of me. Like my brain stopped receiving the pain message from my finger.

Lesson learned?

  1. Don't let your finger get caught in a car door.
  2. If you have pain anywhere (Physically, emotionally or mentally), sort out the source of the pain fast or it will become an unconscious part of you that you wont know you are carrying around.
Unbiased over and out.