Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I am totally in love with this girl. My first memory of Nike was of this cute dark girl dressed in white waiting for the doors to be open for sunday service (She must have been around 10yrs old then. lol). I thought i was early but i never seemed to beat her to it.
Her absolute love for music was as unquestionable as her love for God. We never really got close close but every time our paths brushed i always was amazed at her evolution.

Right now she is on top of my list. It took a while for the album to come out but it was worth the wait. Straight to the top of the international charts if you ask me but then make up your minds.

The video below is for her current single - Never felt this way before. Amazing!!!! It is rare to be blown away by a video to a christian song especially a Nigerian one but blown away you'll be. Sorry Ty but 'greenland' just got displaced.
(Notice Mr. Magic man himself Cohbams? Yeah!! Dude's associated with excellence everywhere. lol!!)

Monday, April 21, 2008


This whole weekend i wanted to get some quality rest so i basically slept Saturday away in front of the TV with cereal and popcorn.

Sunday i got to read the psalm in church. yayyy!!! My Bible experience sure helped. (You all need to go and buy it). I learned how to read with all the emotions and fire the passage demanded. I felt i was able to carry people on a journey to feel what the writer felt when he wrote the psalm.
Truth is i nearly bawled my eyes out. lol!!
So fast forward to the sermon.

It was based on 1st Samuel 14. See Saul (the king before David) was camped out waiting for the prophet to enquire from God on what to do (start the battle or not). Obviously his naughty headstrong son Jonathan got tired of waiting, crept out of camp and decided to start the fight.

His papa had 600 soldiers but bobo decided that two against an army was a fair fight (After all he had God on his side abi?). Long and short, God helped out and the battle was won. Saul woke up and decided not to wait but seize the opportunity to finish what God has started.

So now preacher looks at us and asked who would you be? Saul or Jonathan. 'Saul', i said before i could hold back. The church used that moment to go deathly quiet. (ye mo gbe). I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me but lo and behold the thing no greee cooperate.

On a serious note though let's be truthful with one other. How many of you would carry yourselves and go do a 2 versus an army (Sorry but the bible didn't say how many the philistines were) fight? I understand the philosophy of no pain no gain but................

I wouldn't go o!! I would rather play dead and hope a dead body fall on me to protect me sef. We are talking life and death, blood and gore. Not unbiased o!!
I am all for sticking up for what you believe in but i also pick my fights. The prophet is still consulting so what assurance did Jonny have that he was not on a suicide mission?

He was not even with another soldier o!! Just an armour bearer. Probably a young teenage boy. If i was his shield carrier i would have done both number 1 and 2 in my pants and run off to go and tell his father on him fast fast. Did you know that Saul took a census to find out who left camp before deciding to help out? He waited to count and name 598 people. Honestly there must have been angels on the battle field that day for that boy not to die.

Well God did save the day and gave them the victory. He responded to Jonny's blind faith in him and rewarded his courage.

It sounds good and all and i rejoice but all i am saying is i would not have done that kain thing. Does that make me a coward?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Let me confess. I have been blog absent for a reason. My cat is out of the bag. A few people actually know my blog as in relation to it being 'MY' blog. Damn!! It is seriously affecting my blog honesty.

Well that aside i have been a busy bunny. Having fun. I never realised how much i let pass by. Well since my last post i have done quite a bit. Cant blog it all now can i? So I'll throw in some highlights.

Last weekend i gave myself a much needed mini holiday in Manchester. Now i always wanted to go but due to reasons Naomi knows i haven't been able to get to it. (I might as well get it out there. Naomi is pissed i finally made it to Manchester after she moved out of the region. lol!! Sorry girlfriend it was not intentional).

Well back to my holiday. Two days before flying out i finally broke down and joined the bag ladies. Yes oluwa-unbiased is now bag crazy. All colours and sizes. I am currently up to 4 in a week. There are so many different shades of the same colour. I would have to have a bag for each and every outfit. Have i gone on a downward spiral here? I really cant be sure. What you guys think? Should i go back to my boring black? The jury is still out on that. lol!!

Now back to my wakadugbe. I absolutely got to see almost everything. Shopping, a movie, touring, rides, a baptism, a 70yr birthday bash, etc. The list goes on and on. I also lost weight i think. Honestly the best way to lose weight is to become a tourist and ditch the car. lol!!

Also i hooked up with a new lover. I met him at Mille's Cookies. He comes with a tapered cone but is also available in a cup. Absolutely delish. Goes by the name of hokey pokey (White chocolate, with honeycomb pieces and caramel). Kai!! My fingers are shaking thinking of the 'it'. By the way you may say it is just ice cream but you gotta try it to understand the obsession unbiased is in right now. In fact it shall be part of my marriage contract. If you want a pickin supply me with 9months of hokey pockey (Ice cream for all the dirty minds out there). There goes my weight chasing me down and overtaking me again. Couldn't i fall in love with a special k bar?

There are a lot more things i do have to say about my trip but liver fail me. Will my uninhibited thoughts make people perceive me differently? I really don't know. Do i get less personal on my blog and keep certain stuff or do i just go start another anonymous blog? I am still thinking.

Work has been a bitch so i am off to sleep now jo. The madness does start again tomorrow and after 4 days of no work getting into the groove is a little bit exhausting. To all the gunners out there. he he he he he he he!!!!!!!

Update: If anyone (foolish somebody or no) has any dumb ass thing to say to me, i have an email address you can mail me on. Dont drop some stupid comment on my blog. I got comment moderation so it is up to me if it gets posted. At least have the balls to write your name instead of being anonymous. The foolish somebody whose comment i just deleted knows who they are.
Sorry people i just got really pissed.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Yeah THE mood is upon me again. I am at a major cross road right now. There is nothing that really ticks me off more than not having a clear plan for what to do next. I feel out of sorts.

Like i am on a never ending wheel of wake-eat-work-eat-work-home-tv-eat-sleep. Like Stacie Orrico sang, 'There's gotta be more to life'.

I have thought long and hard about this and i think what i really gets people by is being a testimony. That's why we have friends, family, lovers and enemies. So that there will be someone out there who can tell of our lives. Who can watch our progress through life and either cheer on or jeer on.

It's almost like a stamp of approval proving your existence in this world. If i am right then I should feel fulfilled (considering the abundance of people in my life to testify lol) but i am not. As human beings do we ever get satisfied? Is there not always something more to strive for?

Maybe i am an overachiever and don't literally know when to stop. I must have the same spirit that Paul had when he said, 'Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on, that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me'. I find i am not alone in my dilemma. It ain't a new problem at all. Is there a solution? I would like to think so.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ignore my 5 minutes madness for the day. I once said that Boredom is one step down from madness. How true is that? Very very true. Out of boredom i have nearly convinced myself that i am not just bored but depressed.


PS: This mood i can boldly lay at CATWALQ's door step. Her friday post has sent me into tears already today.

Update: London Buki's mom died. Please keep her in your prayers. My prayer is for strength for the whole family through this time of grief.