Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Yes it arrived. Finally!! Sometime back i blogged about the Bible experience here. Well the Cd's finally found their way into my clutches. Easter present? Yes it is.

Thank you Mr Easter bunny (in my little kiddie voice).

Yippee i cant wait to go hear Revelations. For some reason i can't put my foot on i understand more with this bible (Well i just started so don't take my word for it).
Naomi eat your heart out babes. Unbiased got her bible!!!
Peace offering has been accepted. lol!!
Off i go to listen. To be back later!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Darlings!!! I sincerely apologise. Book no let me blog. But all that is over now. yayy!!! I don't even need the results sef. I know beyond any shadow of doubt that i have not just passed but done so exceptionally well.

As i return back to my darling whose name is life, i decided to see what i have been missing. I then came upon a story about an 11 year old boy getting married to his 10 year old cousin. Rubbish!!

Olorun ma je ka ri oshi (God don't let us see nonsense)!! Said boy had the audacity to say that now he is married he can concentrate on his studies. Omo primary school!!

"I am ready for this marriage. It will help me study better," Mohammed, who goes to primary school in the northern province of Hail, was quoted by Al-Shams as saying.
"I invite all my classmates to do like me," the boy said, adding that he wanted to "crown a love story through marriage".
(A 10 year old now knows about love?)
The schoolboy's father, Muraizak al-Rashidi, told the newspaper he was busy sending out invitations for a summer celebration to seal the marriage. (Am i the only sane person here that thinks say papa brain dey touch sef)
Dahim al-Jaber, the headmaster at Mohammed's school, said marriage at such a young age was "inappro
priate" but wished the couple a happy life together.

Omo ti oye ki e no! Imagine an 11 year old in your acquaintance (lets no even go as far as family) yarning this kind of thing near you. Your reactions?
I am sure that some of them are unprintable sef. Needless to say that your actions will bring about a change of heart (cough cough).

That aside, i made cupcakes today. Yes Cupcakes with some nice coconut flakes on the top which accounts for the lovely golden brown colour. Not because i made them do i give praise but they are so light and fluffy. Absolute heaven. Melt in your mouth dream. Perfect wife for Hagen Daz. (Can't believe i am sworn off sweet stuff for the week. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

Well Monday was 'Paddy's day and we had a 'humble parade' in the village where i find myself. I included a few pics but not much as my computer is taking too long to upload.

Also last weekend i went to the Marble arch caves. The experience is only for those who love nature and like to do live tours. if not then it was just a bunch of people walking about in underground caverns in the cold looking at the incredible formations and wondering about the awesomeness of God in creating such details. Pictures to come later.

I am beginning to feel some pains in my back and tiredness in my bones. I am off to take panadol and hope this pain is gone by 4am when i need to rise so as not to miss my flight. I am going to the land of Mama Charley tomorrow for Easter break. Any pain in my body, i bind you in the name of Jesus. I counter attack you with nurofen and panadol. Your hold on my body is totally broken. lol!!

I'll come back and tidy this post up later but for now i gotta run and get 4hrs of sleep so as not to sleep on the wheel in the morning. Tata blogsville.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I am definitely not slow but i never seem to really understand when people make decisions until i am in their shoes.
When the frequency of Bella's posts diminished and my darl Bimbylads took a break i was upset. Surely they had time before so what has changed?

Even though i find myself in their shoes i still can't answer the question. I remember when tut decided to give up tapes for dancing shoes (vague i know). I absolutely gave her hell for it only to follow in her footsteps a year later. I must have an extra fuel tank cause i don't run out of steam for a while and that makes it hard to understand when people do. (Note to self. Be more understanding).

I have had so many things to blog about but never the time to pen it all down. Maybe i should have a voice recorder and voice it out as the 'spirit' grips me.

Why is time so elusive suddenly. Did we have a fight and time decided to run on and fly without me?

Okay fine i am on a course which sadly won't end for another month but then there are students that work, school and blog.

Please time darling, whatever i have done to offend thee. Forgive me and return to my arms. Walk slowly with me so that my days are long enough for all my activities.

Shine upon me once more with favour and forget my sins.

(Honestly you can see how deranged i have become looking for time).

Actually it was Darkelcee who knocked on my door and woke me up.

So what have i been doing lately?

Well went clubbing only to discover it ain't for me. I prefer parties where i know at least 40% of the population. It is so much more fun that way. No awkwardness at all. lol!! At least i got to indulge in my favorite past time (dressing up, taking pictures and dancing).

My darling Miss E got a rock!!!!!
Yes o!! Unbiased is gonna be a bride's maid. I am so so so so happy for my girl. Ain't no one deserves it more. Plus imagine i was there to witness (By chance mind you) the 'proposal'. If i wasn't laugh so hard inside at her shock i would have cried alongside her. Honestly it iwill be hard to propose to me after that one o!! Any man wanting to propose altar to me should take lessons from Mr. Y.
Abeg anyone else getting married in naija for december? I gats to fill my schedule. lol!!

I also watched 10,00BC online. Abeg go watch it in the cinema. It was brilliant and as soon as my village cinema gets a move on I'll be watching it big screen too.

Apart from all that i have been mega dry. Reading and trying to land my certificate in half the normal time. Na me biko abi? It shall all be over and i can return back to my normal sef. To all them bloggers that manage to continue being faithful, i hail all of una. 15 gbosas no less.

My weekend is going to be all about the Marble arch Caves. Update on that will be ...................l8r

Just for the almighty laugh. This video is so cute you gotta listen to it.