Friday, November 13, 2009


I am so sorry bloggy darling.I have been dreading coming to talk to you. I didn't know what to say. I have been so mixed up about mummy gone. She has been like air to me. Always there and necessary.
So much so i must have just taken it for granted she would always be there.

Who will calm my nerves at my weddin
Who is going to hold my hand when i am in labour with my first child?

Who will give child raising tips? Who will be there when i need advice?

I can no longer crawl in her bed when i need a comforting presence.
So to all the motherless children out there i will tell you what i discovered. God will do all those things.

He taught me something yesterday. As i was coming home i had this desperate pressure in my stomach and intestines. But i was 45 minutes drive away from home. By 25 min
utes away i was sweating and shaking with the cramps. (Don't be grossed out you know what i am talking about. lol). Then i prayed that God keeps me till i see a loo and low and behold i see a filling station (15minutes from home).
I stopped my car prepared to ask for a loo and the pain and aching stopped suddenly so i took a leap of faith. I started my car again and continued on my way home. The cramped started again but i made it home.

That just showed me that when you are on a journey somewhere, it may be painful and seem like God is not responding to you but he is. Dont stop striving for what you want because you think you've found something manageable. God only wants the best for us.

Anyways i have been so busy and stressed lately. My Granpa (Daddy's dad) died like 3 weeks after mum died. Daddy has been so devastated. The responsibilities he inherited are humongous him being the first son and all. I worry about him and pray for him though. God wont make me an orphan that i know.

So now i have to go to naija for Grandad's funeral. But isn't that too many trips? Mum's funeral, grandad's funeral, xmas, mickey's wedding? Sigh. Not sure if i am doing them all. Time, finance
and God will tell.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh and on a good note, i g
ot my dress for mickeys wedding!!!! It's not brown but blue. What do you think?

Also Celebrity takes 2 is on again!! I am not sure if with all the travelling and funerals i can blog it all but i trust Linda Ikeji and Bellanaija to keep you posted.

Tata!! Xoxo!!