Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The mystery of JAHDIEL.

As i was playing on youttube as i seem to be doing these days, i came across a really cool video by a naija chick. Apart from the fact that she is based in Ikeja and she did praise and worship at THE EXPERIENCE 2008,i can find anything on her. Anyone know anything? Anyways i posted the said video below. Toodles!!


Jahdiel - Heritage

Found more!! I feel like an international gbeborun at this point. lol!! So here it is.

Grace Okoduwa, popularly known as Jahdiel, is a Nigerian gospel musician. Jahdiel is a Hebrew word of a Greek origin belonging to the Manasseh family according to Bible history. Jahdiel actually means ‘Jehovah gives joy’ or ‘Jehovah makes me rejoice’.

She started singing as young as five when she joined her church's choir and started playing the piano/keyboard at thirteen. She attended Aunty Ayo primary and secondary schools and she was senior prefect in her final year.

Eloheeka -Jahdiel