Thursday, August 30, 2007

The doors to ireland firmly shut.

Men there i was getting ready for work this morning and ki ni mo gbo? (What did i hear).
This lady on the news calmly announces that non EU spouses of non-Irish EU citizens who are in Ireland are to be deported. Haaaa what did they do?

Is this not a vast change from the former free for all (give birth in Ireland and become a citizen). Abeg my people their economy has boomed and recovered from the 'war days'. So they are kindly saying that non citizens (even though their country was rebuilt with the help of the said migrants when their own citizens ran ot the US), should stop coming over. They have tightened their immigration laws like whoa.

Itis not just us africans o!!! as you can see. It is anyone non EU. So if you go marry EU citizen you ain't safe at all and it guarantees you nothing.

Abeg lets make our country better o so this people can stop the shakara they are doing. It just down right irritates me. So if you are out there and are looking for a place to give birth, go to St.Francis in Ikoyi or premier hospital in VI. Avoid all the abroad drama cause at the end of the day both you and your kid get nothing. I pray for the days of our fathers where they snubbed citizenship of other countries (UK and US alike) cause their country was doing so much better.

Anyways read below for the article.

The Immigrant Council of Ireland has said 2,000 people could be affected by the State's plan to deport the non-EU spouses of EU citizens from outside Ireland if the spouses are living here illegally.
The Department of Justice stated it had the right to deport non-EU spouses following a High Court ruling two months ago.
The ruling affects people from outside the European Economic Area - made up of the 27 EU member states and four other nations - who have married an EU citizen who is not Irish.
The ICI says that 'huge disruption' has been caused to people who came to Ireland in good faith and who are being refused permission to live here.
Speaking on RTÉ Radio's Morning Ireland, solicitor Derek Stewart said if the purpose of the move was to crackdown on convenience marriages, it would be to the detriment of the majority who were genuine couples.
The Department of Justice issued notices of intention to deport following a court ruling.
In June the High Court ruled that the Department of Justice had the right to insist that wives or husbands of non-Irish EU citizens, who were not from the EU themselves, must live legally in another member state before moving to Ireland.
That judgment is being appealed in the Supreme Court but in the meantime the Department has issued deportation notices informing the non-EU spouses living in Ireland of the implementation.
The section 3 letters give those under threat of deportation three options: to leave voluntarily; to agree to be deported; or to make representations to stay in Ireland temporarily within the next 15 days.


Latest on naira revaluation

Nigerian Justice Minister Michael Aondoakaa said he is freezing a plan to re-denominate the Nigerian currency, the naira.

The plan had been announced by the governor of the Central Bank, Chukwuma Soludo, last week.
Mr Aondoakaa said the plan was frozen because President Umaru Yar'Adua had not given his written permission.
The case has raised questions about the effectiveness of the leadership of the new president.
Ten days ago amid much fanfare, Mr Soludo told an audience of hundreds of dignitaries that the naira would be redenominated.
It was a big move, which was not universally popular, but straightforward enough, it would seem.
Now, bizarrely, Mr Aondoakaa has told reporters that for now all plans for the re-denomination are frozen.
"I, as the chief law officer of the (Nigerian) federation, hereby stop all actions on the re-denomination of the naira," said the minister.
A spokesman for the Central Bank said in response there had been consultations with the president about the plan before the announcement.
Political fallout
Either way, the fact is this is a major humiliation for Mr Soludo and there is growing speculation that politically he will not survive this debacle.

President Yar'Adua is not known for his hands-on leadership
As head of the Central Bank for the past few years, he has overseen major banking reforms in Nigeria.
But just a few weeks ago the country's new President, Umaru Yar'Adua, chose Mr Soludo's deputy, not him, for the job of finance minister in the new cabinet, and the central banker has been dropped from the government's economic team.
This whole episode also raises questions about the leadership of the new president.
He is said to be quite hands-off in his style of government, especially in comparison with his predecessor.
After this, some will argue that state of affairs might have to change.

Ref: BBC

Face book underattack

My people and fellow face book addicts. See what our enemies are plotting o!!!

Copy the link to see the video:

Two-thirds of companies in London are banning employees from using the social networking site Facebook but some firms are actively encouraging their workers to go online.

All 32,000 employees at Kent County Council have been banned from using the internet site Facebook at work.

Sniff sniff I have to wait till i get home before facebook love can continue.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I swear i am no longer reading any church news

I swear i am no longer reading any church news. I am sticking to my bible and sunday service.
Honestly i think you should just keep your faith between God and yourself. NEVER put your trust in man. I daresay don't even have a human being as your role model. God can be your model.
As my mum said to me one day ' honey reach for the sun. At the very least you will end up among the stars'. I understood that to mean that you should reach way beyond what you can ever hope to achieve and chase it with all your might. If you don't get it, where you will be wont be half bad anyways.

The reason for my tirade you wander? It is not the bynum -weeks saga o!! This time it is the female T.D. Jakes, Paula White.

According to news outlets in Tampa, evangelist couple Randy and Paula White, the pastors and founders of Without Walls International Church in Tampa, are getting a divorce.

The Whites announced their breakup at an evening service last week Thursday night.
The split appears to be mutual as they stood side-by-side during the announcement. Randy White said he took "full responsibility" for the breakup. He will continue to be the pastor of the 23,000-plus- member church, while Paula White will pursue other ventures, both nonprofit and for-profit.

Paula White was by most accounts a more popular preacher than her husband and had her own TV ministry. And although Without Walls is an independent Pentecostal church, not bound by denominational standards on divorce, some of which are quite strict, divorce is still generally frowned on by Pentecostals. This is the second divorce for both Randy and Paula White.

If the people who tell us and encourage us to do better cant handle this thing called marriage, what will we unmarried people do. I fear for the institution cause the message out there is that a good working marriage among high profile people is impossible.

Are they giving up tooo easily? I wonder. Anyways when it comes to marriage i think i will stick to icons like Celine Dion who seem to be making it work.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Bynum - Weeks assault update

The minister husband of evangelist and gospel singer Juanita Bynum turned himself in Friday to face charges that he beat her outside a hotel earlier this week. He was later released on bond but ordered to have no contact with his wife.
Thomas W. Weeks III, known to his followers as Bishop Weeks, was accompanied by his lawyer when he surrendered at the Fulton County Jail, said Atlanta Police spokesman James Polite.
Weeks was photographed and fingerprinted, then released on $40,000 bond after a brief hearing with the condition that he have no contact with his wife or her sister.

Warrants Issued for Bynum's Estranged Husband

Atlanta police said the husband of televangelist Juanita Bynum will be charged with aggravated assault and terroristic threats after a confrontation in which he left her badly bruised.Officer Ronald Campbell said Thursday that Bynum met with authorities at an undisclosed location to press the charges against preacher Thomas W. Weeks III, founder of Global Destiny churches.

Weeks did not return a phone message or an e-mail request for comment Thursday by The Associated Press. A call to Global Destiny was answered only by a recorded message with information about the ministry. Amy Malone, a publicist for Bynum, said, she is recovering and "steps have been taken to ensure that this does not happen again." Malone said she wanted to emphasize that there was no "fight." She said Bynum was "attacked by her husband."

Bishop Weeks wants his wife and the Christian community to know that he loves his wife very much. He is very sorry that the events of Tuesday night took place.Bishop Weeks has turned the legal aspects of this matter over to the judicial system, and asks for every Christian believer to pray for him and his wife.
Click her for the police report: Juanita Bynum Incident Report

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Televangelist Juanita Bynum Assaulted by Husband

What is happening? I didn't even know the pair had marital problems until i happened about fox news. I didn't believe so i had to go to other news website to be sure it wasn't her ex husband. Haaaa God dey o!! After the man has been coaching millions on marital bliss to be come a wife beater now.
Let us sha pray for the woman cause i dont believe anyone deserves a black and blue encounter like that from anyone for any reason.

Police said Juanita Bynum, a televangelist who has won a national following with sermons about women's empowerment, was assaulted by her preacher husband in the parking lot of an Atlanta hotel early Wednesday

Bynum, whose ministry is based in Waycross, and her estranged husband, Thomas W. Weeks III, had met up at Renaissance Concourse Hotel near Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to try to reconcile, Atlanta police said.

A bellman at the hotel pulled Bynum's husband off her, Officer Ronald Campbell said.
"She was bruised up and battered," Campbell said. "She had purple bruising around her neck and upper torso."

The husband, who is also a preacher, left the scene. No charges have been filed against him, according to police.

Police found out about the fray from a staff member at Piedmont Hospital, where Bynum was taken for a checkup. She could not be reached Wednesday night.

A popular Pentecostal evangelist, Bynum lives in Hempstead, N.Y., but her administrative offices are in Waycross. She is open about her past, freely talking about sex and being on welfare, hospitalized with a mental breakdown, divorced and spiritually broken.

Once a homemaker, a hairdresser and a flight attendant, Bynum's big break came when Bishop T.D. Jakes invited her to speak at one of his conferences several years ago. Her ministry took off a couple of years later after she gave her unrehearsed "No More Sheets" sermon on breaking free of sexual promiscuity at a singles event.

Since then, she has parlayed her tough-love evangelism into a one-woman industry, writing several best-selling books, recording inspirational CDs and preaching to millions through televised sermons.

She has been a regular at Megafest, Jakes' four-day festival of worship, music, education and praise that drew thousands every year it took place in Atlanta.
Her 2002 wedding to Weeks, who started the Global Destiny churches nationwide, was televised and, according to media reports, featured a gown with a bodice covered in crystals and a 7.76-carat diamond ring.

For more:Click here to view the report

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My cubicle

I think this is a nice stress relief song. Good for a laugh. It's some nice parody of James Blunt.

Humour for the day. Reminds me of the nice 'niger' network.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Nigeria money don change o!!!

Now i know I'm a slacker. How come i get the news last. Anyways for those who ain't heard yet, Niger money is to change.

THE Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on Tuesday announced a major foreign exchange policy, declaring that from August next year, N1.25 will exchange for one dollar. The bank also announced that the Federal Government would phase out N100, N200, N500, and N1,000 notes, saying that N20 notes will be the highest denomination in circulation. I think this just make shifting large sums of money easier but then that the opinion of a jaded nigerian. lol.

The CBN governor, Professor Chukwuma Soludo, announced this at a press conference held on the “Strategic Agenda for the Naira.” Soludo said at the end of the exercise next year, the coins that will be available in the economy will be 1kobo, 2kobo, 5kobo, 10kobo, 20kobo coins while the 50kobo note would return, in addition to having N1, N5, N10 and N20 notes.

He said the overall intention was to restructure the entire currency by dropping two zeroes or moving two decimal points to the left from the currency and issuing more coin denominations. At the current exchange rate, he said the new policy would mean that the naira/dollar exchange rate would be around N1.25 to $1. Consequently, the apex bank boss disclosed that all naira assets, prices and contracts would be re denominated by dropping two zeroes or two decimal points to the left with effect from this date.

Also, the Federal Government and the 36 state governments are to receive their monthly statutory allocations in dollars as against the practice of paying in naira. “In other words, the governments cannot withdraw dollar cash but may utilise part of their domiciliary account for settlement for external debt obligations,” Soludo said.

Professor Soludo said the new policy thrust was expected to deepen the foreign exchange market, promote financial market development and improve the degree of integration among the domestic markets and with international markets.

HIV test before marriage?

Damn !!!!!
Couples must first take an HIV test before they will be allowed to marry, the Anglican Church in Nigeria says. (This is heavy cause I'm Anglican o!!) The church says the move is to help parishioners make "informed choices" when choosing marriage partners.

The BBC News website learnt that many Christian churches in Nigeria impose similar tests on their members as a condition for marriage. The policy is being implemented in all Anglican dioceses across Nigeria, the church's spokesman said. 'Unacceptable' "The aim is to help intending couples to make informed decisions because we don't want anyone to be kept in the dark about their partner," spokesman for the church Rev Akintunde Popoola told the BBC News.

If they find out their status and still want to go ahead, we cannot object. Instead, we offer them care and support Rev Akintunde Popoola He said the church will not stop people from getting married if they test positive to HIV, the virus that causes Aids. But the authorities are already challenging the new policy by the church, saying it is unacceptable.

"We cannot accept what the church is proposing. Every Nigerian must be allowed to decide on their own whether they want to be tested or not," Prof Tunde Oshotimehin, who heads Nigeria's state HIV control agency, told the BBC. "HIV testing and counselling must be voluntary. What the church is trying to do will encourage denial."

The Catholic Church in Nigeria says it is not imposing such a policy on its members because it wants HIV testing to be voluntary and personal. "We know that some people do it, but we are not making it church policy," spokesman of the Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja Rev Fr Ralph Madu told the BBC.

Recently, 'winners chapel' -owned college - Covenant University, Nigeria - announced that its graduates should take HIV and pregnancy tests as conditions for graduation. But the university suspended the policy after widespread condemnation and criticisms from government agencies and rights groups.

Nigeria is a deeply religious country with her 140 million people almost evenly divided between Christians and Muslims. According to Nigeria's National Agency for the Control of AIDS (Naca), some 4.4% of Nigerians live with HIV.

Ex-beauty queen, Ibinabo, jailed for manslaughter

An Igbosere magistrates’ court (beside obalende if i remember correctly. I didn't know it was such a big court) in Lagos on Friday sentenced famous actress, Ibinabo Fiberesima, to seven years imprisonment, following her conviction for manslaughter.
The presiding magistrate, however, gave her an option of N100,000 fine, following a plea for leniency by her counsel. Ibinabo, it was learnt, has since paid the N100,000 fine and secured her release.
The actress, a former beauty queen, had been on trial for the killing of a medical practitioner with the Lagos General Hospital, Dr Suraj Giwa, in an auto accident along Lekki-Epe expressway on February 26, 2006.
Five witnesses were called in the case, which lasted for 17 months. The magistrate, while passing his judgment, said the court was convinced that Ibinabo was “guilty as charged.”But during allocution, Ibinabo’s counsel, pleaded for leniency.
He urged the court to consider the fact that the former beauty queen was a first-time offender, who does not have any past record of crime. He also asked the court to consider her social status.Thereafter, the magistrate sentenced Ibinabo to seven years jail term with an option of a fine of N100,000. The fine, however, elicited a mild reaction from the lawyers and members of the family present at the court premises.One of the family members described the judgment as “ridiculous”.
I really don't know what to say to this one. I feel sorry for her odd enough. The same happened to Brandy' and Jada Pinkett-Smith. It can happen to anyone and is unfortunate. The sad thing is the media makes it seem like they were reckless which is not always the case.
It is sad that the media paint celebrities bad cause these are the people kids look up to.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Babe shoots her husband in the back

After spending a total of seven months in custody, a Tennessee woman who fatally shot her preacher husband in the back was released on Tuesday.

Mary Winkler, a 33-year-old mother of three girls, was freed from a Tennessee mental health facility where she was treated for depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

She wont will not talk to the news media because she continues to wage a legal battle to win custody of her girls and faces a $2 million civil suit filed by the parents of her slain husband, Matthew Winkler.

Except for her oldest daughter's brief testimony at her trial, she hasn't seen her children in a year. She will return to work at the dry cleaners in McMinnville, Tennessee, (doh?) where she worked before the trial. She is living with friends (which ones?).

She served about 7 months between the county jail as she awaited trial and at the mental health facility following her conviction for voluntary manslaughter.

She never denied shooting her husband, Matthew, the popular new preacher at the Fourth Street Church of Christ in Selmer.

On March 22, 2006, church elders found his body -- with a shotgun wound to the back -- in the bedroom of the parsonage after he failed to show up for an evening service. His wife was arrested the next day with the couple's three young daughters.

Mary Winkler was charged with murder, which could have sent her to prison for up to 60 years, but a jury found her guilty of voluntary manslaughter following an emotional trial in which she testified about suffering years of verbal and physical abuse. (Only in America)
She claims she didn't recall pulling the trigger .She said she apologized and wiped the blood that bubbled from her dying husband's lips as he asked, "Why?"

Prosecutors and Matthew Winkler's family members said he was a good husband and father.
But on the stand, Mary Winkler described a hellish 10-year marriage during which, she said, her husband struck her, screamed at her, criticized her and blamed her when things went wrong. She said he made her watch pornography and wear "slutty" costumes for sex, and that he forced her to submit to sex acts that made her uncomfortable.

She testified she pointed the shotgun at her husband during an argument to force him to talk through their problems, and "something went off."
A defense psychologist testified that she was depressed and showed classic symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.
Mary Winkler initially received a three-year sentence in June. But the amazingly compassionate judge required that she serve only 210 days, and allowed her to serve the rest of the time on probation.
Since Mary Winkler's arrest, the couple's three children have been cared for by Matthew Winkler's parents, who have filed court papers seeking to terminate her parental rights.
This is so amazing i just had to add it to the blog. It's one of those random things that you see and find weird. I feel the woman could have gotten out whenever she wanted instead of bottling it all up until she had to shot the man. He wasn't threatening her when she shot him (as i can infer from him being shot in the back).
Should she really have gotten off with such a light sentence for taking a life?
Does this send a message to all the frustrated wives out there that they can shot their husbands, plead insanity and get on with their lives after 210days?
I don't really have an answer so i leave all to the almighty.
For more info you can see

Monday, August 13, 2007

Is Nigeria coming out of the closet?

Well the story is that 18 men got arrested and are facing criminal charges in sharia court.
Why? The silly men wanted to have a huge cross dressing wedding. Some how they were convinced that in some things, Nigeria had moved on.

I mean it is illegal to be openly gay in the country. Have they forgotten that the sharia crew are itching to stone someone to death for heterosexual intercourse (fornication),
Morals are usually a touchy thing. I mean look at the cops bossing people over what they wear.
Then the silly boys decided to plead not guilty. Only in Nigeria will you catch a crook red handed and he will deny it.

We always knew there were gay people in Nigeria, we always heard about the young boys getting molested but turned the other way and did nothing. So it sends a message to people that Nigeria has joined the openly gay revolution (If you cant do anything about abuse, then why do anything about consensual sex). So why is the sharia court mad?

They have sharia mainly in the north and i personally believe that the highest percentage of gay men are northers (no offense to anyone from the north).

I think a stand needs to be taken. Is Nigeria a secular country or a religious one?
Is sharia in control?
Is it okay to be gay?
As a girl will i get harassed for wearing a little skirt on the streets of Lagos?

Personally i think the issues of security, police bullying and police-thief mirage need to be sorted out before some bigot harasses me for my mode of dress.

Priorities are misplaced i think. The poor lads even though they were stupid are just scape goats for a problem that has been overlooked for years. At least they were consenting to be gay and not being abused or abusing anyone.

I think today i am just randomly rambling and a little ticked off. I'm going off to clear my head.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Amebo withdrawal.

I cant get on the Internet.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mo gbe!!!!
My boss thinks i am a machine. Ki lo de?
Only me?

I really want to find out what's happening but guys it's impossible. I am swamped. What to do?
hmmmm the options are endless.
quit? Naaaaaaaaaaaaa I'll starve
So i guess i will have to just get over it. But damn it is so frustrating.

To everyone out there NEVER let your boss know the true lengths and depths you are capable off cause then he/she will always expect a miracle.

That's all the tirade i have time for.
Unbiased over and out.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Abiola's estate

I really need to stop being such a gbeborun. But in my wanderings i came across this bit of information and just had to share it.

Chief MKO Abiola was generally believed to have had a very healthy appetite. Like a true wealthy Nigerian that he was, the number of his wives was uncountable just as the number of children. He was also a philanthropist and a man of many parts for which many courted him with their daughters and acquaintances.

Now, nine years after his death in controversial circumstances, the results of DNA tests to identify his real children have emerged.

According to the results, of the 113 children who claimed the late politician fathered them, 25 failed the test, 15 were not qualified to benefit from his estate and two were disowned outright by him.

The results were made available by the United Kingdom-based Timothy Daniel, the administrator of the late Abiola’s estate. So at least we know they weren't doctored or rigged.

Twenty-one others, including two of the late Kudirat Abiola’s seven children, were yet to undergo the DNA testing by last night. Among them are also three children by Modupe Abiola (nee Onitiri).

The results also showed that 37 children who claimed the late politician’s paternity passed the DNA test.

Six other children comprising the five the late politician had by his first wife Simbiat as well as one born by Sekinat Shade, were exempted from test. They were described as qualifying children specifically identified in the will.

Under the late Abiola’s will dated October 25, 1989, those claiming to be his children were required to prove paternity as one of the conditions to qualify as beneficiaries of his estate. This was done by DNA testing.

Seven other children passed the DNA test but would not benefit from the will.

Someone dies in Ultimate search

Nigeria's television survival show has been suspended after a contestant drowned in preparation for the program, said Heineken's local unit which is sponsoring the show.

Anthony Ogadje, 25, and nine other contestants had gone to Shere Hills Lake in Nigeria's hilly Plateau State to prepare for the "Gulder Ultimate Search," which sets a variety of physical challenges for participants.

A statement from Nigerian Breweries on Monday said Ogadje died suddenly and he was thought to have drowned. Imagine they didn't even know. What happened to the camera's supposed to follow them around?

"All attempts to revive him by the attendant medical team and the lifeguards, including his fellow contestants, failed," said Nigerian Breweries, which is majority-owned by Heineken.

Broadcasting had been due to start on last week Thursday.

In the show, the weakest contestants are evicted one by one until a winner emerges. The winner was to get 5 million Nara in cash, a four-wheel drive jeep and another 500,000 Nara to buy clothes. The winner could also have expected to become an instant celebrity, attracting sponsorship deals.

The Ultimate Search, which started in 2004, usually gets high 'Niger' ratings.

I am just irritated as hell that Nigerians just rush into stuff and never cover their ass. With more careful planning, this could have been avoided. Imagine not knowing what killed the dude? Of course they know. He DROWNED and there were no facilities in place to help him before it was too late. I am sure they never even planned it as a possibility. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Whatever.

List of unbelievables

This is my list of unbelievable. As i find out more i will update.

  1. In a recent survey, kids said that food in McDonald wrappers taste better. They were given the same food in 2 wrappers and they all thot the ones in the McDonald wrappers tasted loads better.

Usher is married.


Usher and Tameka Foster, who are expecting their first child together, have tied the knot on Friday. (I am sooooo stale)
My pain aside. The man got married in his lawyer's office.
Why now???????????????
I mean why should he deny us the pictures and the awesome event. I hope after the baby is born he is planning a big splash out to make fans happy o!!.
If ordinary people can afford ovation and hello weddings then please he should not disillusion us o!! He needs to have a proper wedding i say.
Ohhhh by the way. Eddie Murphy is the father of Mel B's child. So in total the man has six 'known' children to date. He is also planning on remarrying soon. Hope he learn't from past mistakes.

Exclusive on bad news.

Na wa o!!! My heart is beginning to break for the US. What sin have they committed that na only them dey have such terrible news. Now the story is about mine shaft wey collapse.

For those who ain't heard yet. A mine shaft in Utah collapsed. Rescue crews in central Utah know exactly where six trapped miners are located, but were forced to turn around late Monday because of "impassable conditions," the mine's operator said.

Imagine trying to dig from on top. How long will that take and will it force a subsequent collapse? Damn. I have been praying more in the past few months than i have ever.

So the prayer for today is that some off them make it out alive and that comfort be given to the families in this time off distress.

Now i know my blog is all about whats going on but this is enough of bad news. I don't want a dooms day blog so from now on i stick to lighter gist. Things that make us happy and give us warm fuzzy feelings in the pit of our stomachs. That make us feel that when we wake up in the morning, we can change the world.

So off i go and in future i promise to resist blogging while i am at work.

Monday, August 6, 2007


A little bird told me that we now have Big Brother Africa II. Do i hear you cheering.
Please do!!!!!

Now people who are in love with the BB mania can see one that is really fun. Not the boring saga of Charley and Channelle.

Finally i get to watch something DSTV. Honestly i think DSTV has totally ruined me for SKY tv. It is way more interesting.

For the naughty voyeurs amongst us we have something that all other BB's don't have. It is called 'shower hour'. In other words one hour of uncensored nudity. not that i support such a blatant display of naked flesh on an uncensored channel but as i always say to each man his own.

The housemates are definately more lively and have more fun.
So join the and wagon. It could be an interesting ride.

For more info:

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Bad news rampant

Is it just me or do we find bad news everywhere we turn. I know bad news sells but cant we have a break once in a while.
It's so bad lately that something as bland as the weather is winning hands down in the bad news department.
Everywhere is in a flood. UK, India, etc. In fact lets just say the water's angry. Who do we call this time osun or oya (Nigerian water goddesses). lol.

But on a serious note. It has made me revisit my walk with God seriously. There are two things that always stuck with me about the rapture signs. Wars and natural disasters.

The US has contributed to a few of those with the war and hurricanes and all. Then we see the tsunamis, flood in the UK, flood in India, the bridge collapsing over the Mississippi and all the funny things happening lately.

I think we all should get in touch with the higher power. If for no other reason than protection.
We live in an age where 12year olds stab each other in the name of respect. I don't know about you but that is freaky scary. What happened to the times when teenage problems were gossip and drinking.

I gotta believe that there is a God out there looking out for me and my only way of appreciating the safety net He has on my life is to publicly thank Him.

So this is it. From unbiased to God.



The dicorced man update

Well just wanted to update you on tail and bum.

Well well, tail has given divorced men a bad name.
He has a woman 6 months pregnant coming out of the wood work. Considering he has been with tail for like over a year that's a no no.
Let's not tag all men like that with the same brush though.
It is just a case of a bad egg spoiling the bunch.

I used to have this view. That a leopard cant change it's spots. But that is really unfair. Some few people learn from their mistakes and are better for it. I have chosen to sit on the fence on this one and not judge the young man.

My advice in such situations is be careful and sleep with your eyes wide open, feet firmly planted and your ears to the ground and wall. For any relationship there is nothing like the test of time to see it through.

Friday, August 3, 2007

The divorced man

I just need comments on the above issue. To marry or not to marry a divorced man.

See i have this friend 'name unmentioned'. Let call her 'tail'. And here she is dating a divorced father of 2. Let's call him 'bum'.

Tail is into the 'I am so in love with bum', 'He completes me', 'I am truly made from his missing rib' and all the other associated feelings. Well guess what? Bum proposes.

You can imagine tail being over the moon. Finally this is her chance. She is the only one in her circle of friends that is unmarried and God has seen it fit to finally vindicate her. Cover her shame of being single and thought unwanted. The answer to all her secret cries in the night, vigils at church, prayers and fasting have finally manifested.

Someone in the whole wide world has thought her worthy to be his wife (Whatever definition of that he has). Not for one second did she think to refuse.

Not even when her parents objected to such a burdensome union.
Her friends didn't love her enough to object to her face. The just claimed to be happy for her and secretly behind her back said 'God forbid, haaaa she is so desperate to settle for that'.

People asked if she was ready to be an instant mother to 2 (with all the added responsibility associated). They said stuff like if he was not committed enough to work out problems with his ex and gave up, would he not do it again when things get rough? and to you this time.

Tail stuck through all the criticism and forged ahead in her plans and desires.

And i say is the divorced man misunderstood?
What does she see in him that others don't?
Would you as a female (young, never been married) marry a divorced older man?
As a man would you let you sister marry someone with that history?
Do you think that the prejudice of the world is unfair and we should forgive people their mistakes?
Please leave your comments and let's come to an understanding on this issue that is rampant in our society.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Friends to die for

Have you got any of those?
If you don't, get one.

You never really know how much you love a person until you have to go the extra mile on their behalf.

I've been doing a lot of that lately and trying to find the balance in it all. Is there such a thing as doing too much for a friend. I really don't know but i have discovered (and i ain't bragging) that i am a good friend. I can be relied on in a tough situation. It is possible to be selfless (Depends sha).

So enough of me sounding like the angel i definitely am not.

Lets really get down to the stuff on my mind.


I am so tired of the craze. It is making me sick. It is like a fever all round the world.

A competition.
Everyone has to be the dopest, most in love.................................................couple on earth.


Enough with it already.
I swear a single person could be driven to suicide.
Is it really the end all and be all?
I see babes taking absolute Bull Shit from their men because they feel he is ready to pop the question. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???

If the guy is an ass now he will be an ass in 20yrs (supposing you make it past the first 5).

I honestly don't know when i became so disillusioned but if i get married could i please be allowed to hide away and do the deed?

Let's introduce the families screaming 'HEAVEN FORBID' to such a suggestion. You would think it would kill them to step back a little. I look forward to marriage and the wedding day but the months building up to that? Absolute torture.

Am i complaining unnecessarily or does someone out there agree with me?

My very first

Naughty title eh?
I am sure most of you were intrigued.

Nothing so naughty. My first Blog.
I've been really dancing about the idea of having a blog. I feel more content to just read that of others. But i want more information than they can dish out.
I'm not jobless or anything but i just think it is high time i had a creative outlet.
I may run out of steam from time to time but i will try to stay as faithful and truthful as i can.
Sitting on the fence and making no harsh judgement. Just stating stuff as i see them.
So join me in this quest to get up to speed and keep up with all the juicy 'gossip' and news all over the world.

This is 'UNBIASED' and i am here to stay.

(This post and my presence i can dedicate to the bloggers that interested me enough to make me want to do this. Bellanaija and CNG)