Thursday, July 30, 2009


I am long overdue for an update abi? So sorry my darling blogikins. I did miss you but for some reason i was too tired and filled with worldly activities to visit.

But i am here now so forgive?
Come on stop sulking.
Is that a smile i see?
Come on.
That's it.

Now we are friends again i don't know where to begin.

My darling Angelfish is getting married tomorrow. Imagine i ain't going. The notice was way too short. I remember promising to assist her down the aisle way back in 1994. We had on these cute green check dresses on and were standing at the back of SS1 block. I laugh when i remember we were the same height then. She stopped growing then while i went on to acquire a whole foot. lol.

Anyways i will not let that weigh me down. She knows i love her and would be there if i could get a week off work to travel.

I just discovered this brand new hip christian radio station online. They are bad!! You should check them out too. It's THE HOUSE FM.

Ohh yeah and also i am so in love with the Group 1 crew right now. Video below.

I really cant remember what gist has happened since we last spoke.

Ohh yeah i am gonna be a Chief Brides maid next year to my babe Mickey. That ain't her name but she's just as cute. I am using her wedding as training wheels (She knows and doesn't mind).

The kinda things i am learning sha. I just might elope. Wedding too cost o!!
Will you believe i am the one with the bridezilla tendencies? Not Mickey?
Thank Jehovah, Mickey has the patience of a saint and the passion of Diva Von Teese (I don't know how that works out but hey she rocks that way).

Before i forget. All that jihad oshi happening back home and i heard from BBC? I am so happy the government for once decided not to turn a blind eye as usual and took action. We gotta nip that kain thing in the bud fast before it festers and grows.
For all of those who lost someone, May The Holy Spirit comfort you.

As i was typing my blogger page started to misbehave. pshew. Now i have lost my train of thought.

Back to random stuff then. How come my facebook privacy settings are on the highest and people i have no mutual friends with still manage to send me friend requests? I don't accept friend requests from strange married men!! Kai!! Them wan put me for trouble abi?

Ohhh Train back. I joined Twitter. What for?
Na Lightup Nigeria o!!
But any effect yet? Uhhhh i don't fink so?
Well you never know. Miracles can happen.

Darn it is 6.13pm. i am supposed to be doing my timesheet for the week and getting my ass home. Tata!!

Ohh and my birthday is on the 12th of august. Stop by for some cake will you? RocNaija i am saving you a piece!! Ohh and a piece for our in-house activist solomonsydelle.