Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks finally loaded her video for 'No Air' (feat Chris Brown) on you tube yesterday. It is really hot and me likes. lol!!

Also she seems to have dropped some weight. Can't really put my finger what else has changed about her but she looks very HOT!!

The embedding is disabled so you gotta go to you tube to see it. Use this link: Jordin - No air

Sorry did i say i couldnt find it? Naa not gbeborun unbiased!! Found it. ha ha ha!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Imagine since the 2nd of August, this is my 100th post. Hurray!!! How time flies. I really cant believe it. I have had my ups and my downs but through my joys and sorrows, one thing remains constant. My blog. This amazing ode to my existence.

I started here as just a means to try my hand at journalism but over time it came to be a place of trust. A place where i can lay down my triumphs and failures both.

I feel such gratitude to the people who do come by here and have left comments to lift me up in my times of trial.
I appreciate the few friendships i have with some fellow bloggers. Most of all i thank God without whom we all won't be here.

For the past couple of days, I have had writers block. Do i dare call it that? Is the truth just that i have been plain busy and that well of inspiration within me is being pumped elsewhere?
I have filled my plate to overflowing.

Is it an escape? I am tired of living on my own in the shadows. Should i not come out into the light and say 'World here i am'. The last couple of months started out with joy and bliss. I was loved and in love. The world was well and everything was wonderful with me.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Beware all that seems too good for it all comes as a price. Those words seem so clear to me now. I have heard all the advice given and have decided to open my cleaned heart once again.

I am ready to take life by the horns. Seize the moment and handle every opportunity. I pray they come. I pray that my next couple of posts will be testimonies of how in the bleakest of times God's light shone through.

In the meantime, i am taking CATWALQ at her invitation to see who is the Blog-chef. We might have to be judged by sight and not taste. lol!! Anyways write to me girlfriend and let's see how we want to do this.

My dad has gone back to naija (sniff sniff). I miss hearing someone plodding around the house.
I miss our stimulating conversations.
I miss having someone to eat all my wonderful creations.
Apart from the extra heat, having him around was so much fun. It was nice to have him in my house as a guest as opposed to me being a guest in his house all my life.

While he was around i disliked it intensely. On thinking deeply, i discovered that it was fear. Fear that once he left, the loneliness would be unbearable. Now i know i definitely need a housemate. In fact, i am off to advertise now and to celebrate my 100th post.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I feel so drained these days. Like literally tired. I give props to all the moms out there that not only do what I’ve been doing but stay up half the night with their holy wailers!! Lol!!

My dad is visiting and I really need to chronicle this accurately. I have been reverted back to what I used to be. A cook!! He has been cool not to really stress me in that direction but I am just intrigued with the idea of having to cook regardless of if I feel like it or not. I’ve been turning out some really cool 'Olowoshibi' sturvs and I must say I am bursting with pride on my creations. Needless to say his stomach is already protruding after 3 days. Lol!!

On the other hand, I am being cooked!! That's right!! Roasted like a chicken in my own home. It's below freezing outside and the only way I can sleep is to turn off my radiators and leave the window open. The heat is killing me!!! Needless to say I can’t restrict him to his room like a child and localize the heat. It's not even about the money any more because he is paying for all this extra heat. I just feel like my house will go up in smoke with all the extra heat in the house.

I need help somebody! How do you survive with someone on naija body thermostat? Slowly my brain is being cooked mercilessly. I need help. I am too tired to blog or read. The only thing I save my energy for is work!!! Imagine the headstone. HERE LIES UNBIASED WHO WAS SLOWLY ROASTED TO DEATH. Tofiakwa. Mo ko!! Mo ye!! Honestly this is whack (blogging at 5am just for blogging sake). I am going back to bed jo! My consolation? In 2 weeks this will all pass.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


This post is so self explanatory if you watch the reading of the poem. I can't stop listening to it right now. It's by Blair Wingo.

Friday, February 1, 2008


A friend of mine said to me one day, 'What you do in the first couple of months of the year will set a tone for your whole year'. In my mind i said 'GOD FORBID'. Tofiakwa!!!

My years always seem to start rocky. That better not be even remotely true. I think what she meant was that the goals you set for yourself and act on at the begining of the year will bear fruit in that year. (Much better-that i can live with. lol!!)

In 2007, i started the new year in church. Tired but with this conviction that if i commit my whole year to the Lord great things are sure to follow. Well all i remember about the day that followed is that i got ticked off, frustrated and had a good cry. Nothing tamautic though cause the year went on to be one of accomplishments.

This year, well i did the same thing and it is all repeating itself. January is the pits!! But picking yourself up is really the best you can do. Febuary is here and like a new month i know it holds new beginings for me. Forgetting all that is behind and PRESSING on towards the mark. I have goals and i am running hard to see them come to pass.

So for some of you guys who feel like all the potential of the new year hasn't kicked in, remember that just as the sun always rises to take the night away so shall this new month be.

A time for all the badness, bleakness and pain to go away.
A time for the healing process to be complete.
A time for you to go from one level to another.
A time for you to let go of your regrets.
A time for you to find joy in the little things.
A time to smile for no reason.

Honestly i think i will just come out and say some of what is bugging me jo!!! I think my biological clock is either ticking or being tampered with. Everyone around me is pregnant. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

I am such a baby lover that it's slowly driving me insane. I have to get my act together and move to a place where i have single friends with no kids. The temptation is just too overwhelming.

To make matters worse they all have 'New bride syndrome'. You know the one where they believe that because they are married and have kids everyone should do the same? OMG!!!! It sucks like hell. I can't even find it within me to congratulate a stranger. I have to have known you for like a year for it to be genuine o!!!

Am i evil? I cant say. Green with envy? Hell yeah.
Damn venting helps. (See me now laughing at myself).

Now i am on the level where i think of the hell of no sleep and night feeds. Honestly why cant we deliver 2yr old kids. That's the age they start to be fun.

Okay no venting. Today is friday. I need to find some fun. Get back into the groove. Get a life. Become intersting. Tata for now blogsville. I am off to spread my wings and fly. lol!!