Friday, October 31, 2008


Dear Blog of Unbiased,

I am so sorry for not visiting because it seems i got writers block. Lately i have been going round other blogs and everyone seems to have this important role their blog play. Like they got a magazine or are writing a book, something sha. What has unbiased got? This wonderful blog where i come to express my thoughts to. Like a diary or a lover's ear.

Well I have a man whose ear I wear out quite frequently so when I come to you I have nothing to say. Another thing is there has just been too much bad news lately and I decided a while back not to talk to you about bad stuff.

So where does that leave us? Right!! Updating you abi?

My poor poor fingernail is growing out nicely. No, it did not fall off and come Christmas I wont have any mark whatsoever. Thank you Jesus!!

I am so so head over heels stark raving in love with God's gift to me. Notice I said to ME and not to women. 'Women' whoever you are, back the hell off. lol!!
We aint in the same city at the moment so it is driving me slowly insane (The back and forth thing). Hopefully it will be resolved before I completely loose my mind. (PS: That is not our picture. just some random couple).

Ohh i almost forgot. Bloggy guess what??
Unbiased got chartered. Ohh yes. From now on you will address me as Engr Unbiased. Finally I get some initials after my name. See me trying to be excited. I expected to feel different when i finally became a chartered engineer but slap me silly, I don't feel anything.

I am almost panicking. I don't feel different. That is so scary. So what other BIG thing can happen? I hope when i get married I feel this big difference in me o!! Not that i am getting married, madam gbeborun blog but when things happen should we not feel the difference within? I really don't know.

Anyways Christmas is here again o and i am finding money to go and do the whole lasgidi thing. Weddings galore, tailors to see, places to go and suya to eat. Fingers crossed sha.

Till i find more to say, Unbiased over and out.