Thursday, July 17, 2008


Blogville idols continues!!! Yeah your babe got disposed at the first round. My bad. Not enough publicity. But then my personal life has been a riot.

My support on the idol front is never wavering. A shout out to my babe brown sugar. You were not supposed to leave yet dear. It really must be due to your song arriving late. Don't kick yourself thought. You did very well.

I had a dream. All of us that got eliminated got together to do a magazine interview complete with photo shoot. And there i was looking at this 2 page spread and wandering, 'When did i do this?' Hmmmmm identity made public. lol!!!!! Warever sha!! The competition must be very hot to invade my dreams.

Aside from that my life has been one thing or the other. I cant call them problems o!! Just situations to be handled. Lately there have been so many. I am almost overwhelmed but by the grace of God there ain't nothing i cant pass through. It is all to make me stronger. You dig?

I actually sat down and lined up all my closest friends in my head. All of them though on the surface had rosy lives, had one thing or the other that they struggled with. Paul aptly named it as the thorn in the flesh. That thing in all our lives that keeps us humbly in God's presence.

I understand the necessity but just once i would like my life (for a month at least) to be devoid of such. The bible says that this builds character. I got that in spades. I really don't want anymore.

Anyways leave that side. My daddy is hinting at visiting me again. This time with my 13yr old baby sis. I hope it is true o!! I miss that child and cant wait to get her in my kitchen. lol!! I'll definitely let you know how it does.

Hey by the way Naija names are now famous o!! Nicky Kidman named her daughter Sunday. I thought that was a boy's name. lol!!!

Keep on voting blogsville. My boy Dammy or Abbie to win!!!!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008


I honestly never thought i would be doing this. Well i have finally recorded my first entry with fear and trepidation and it is all sent in. I do not in anyway underestimate my fellow contestants at all.
All in all it is the trying that counts abi? Come on people i deserve some points for that.

Please vote for me and reward my courage. lol!!

I would like to say hi to my fellow idol finalists who were kind enough to stop by. Brown Sugar and Tears. Also our hostess Miss Tarry plus who for some funny reason is nervous. Imagine!!! It is well sha.

Somehow or the other Mr Ugo Daniels is back in Blogsville. Hmmmmmmmm Na to support me cause am. (Blush blush) I feel so special. I am also putting a shout out to Aunty Pink and Sister Elcee who are the wind in my sail propelling me along to the finish line. Olamild thanks for stopping by.

See i don't know if this is a grammy speech or a bye speech. Your votes decide so click on the picture to the right that says blogville idol contestant and vote to keep your girl unbiased in the running. Thanks folks!!!!