Thursday, February 10, 2011

Take back what was stolen

It is so easy to loose track of yourself. I remember coming on here and complaining about being 12 stone!!

Well the watermelon diet worked for a little while but no exercise was my downfall.

This year on the 13th of January to be precise, unbiased weighed in at 12st7pounds (175pounds - 79.4kg).

All due to the fact that i just believed i looked fine and my body was always meant to be this size. Like it was destiny, age and my genes messing me up.

NO IT WASN'T!!!! It was all ME!!!

So then i get chatting to my pal the 'toaster' and saw how she was shedding pounds like crazy.

I asked for the secret and she asked me 'How bad do you want it?'.

I decided i wanted it really bad. I mean i am not being unrealistic. I just want my 2007 body back!!

So now i am on something called the 'Warrior diet' and i am exercising. Diet alone cannot guarantee sustained weight loss. It takes brutal physical punishment.
My punishment is i walk 1.5hrs every day coupled with some weight training video's to tone the muscles.

It is working!!!

Today my weight is (Drum roll)

73.5kg - 162pounds - 11st 8

That is HUGE for one month.

So i am so happy i am going off to go punish my body some more.
I am the master here.
I dictate what it can consume.
I dictate what it can look like.
I will not allow it to embarrass me any longer.
I am the captain of my ship and ruler of my destiny.
I!! No one but I!!!