Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chronicles of My Birthday

12.00 am

Wow!! I woke up at 12am to what?
It's a bird,
It's a plane,
It's a birthday,
Nope it's a diarrhea or the polite word purging.


5 times? Are you kidding me. Could you not let me sleep o useless bowels of mine?
Now i gotta get up and get ready for work. Ohh the cramps. sob sob

I then weigh myself thinking i gotta have lost weight in the middle of the night.
Imagine!! After all that s**ting i gain a pound. A whole pound!! Purging can't even be useful sef.


At work replying all them facebook greetings. So many. I feel the love but Jesus could my gift be healing from these cramps and purge. Please!!
I have hardly got any sleep.


Purging has stopped after 3 slices of Whole meal bread with strawberry jam. But i am so craving KFC right now it is unreal. sigh. And i have to work? In the middle of the birthday mails and facebook messages?

At least i am loved sha so the day is looking up. I wonder what 'Dark Chocolate' is up to right now?

Surprise!! Dark Chocolate sent me a dozen Pink Roses and a dozen burgundy carnations. wow!! I am on cloud nine now. I love my Dark Chocolate!!!


I have spent the whole day on facebook tearing up at the outpouring of love. The phone has been ringing off the hook and text messages been flying but i am suddenly filled with a fit of sadness.
Where did the year go? What did i accomplish? The darn recession has put a lot of my plans on hold. I feel like i am in a time warp and just waiting until someone (God?) presses the play button in my life again.
I feel like it was almost a wasted year i can never get back.
I feel like everyone moved on and i am still standing in the same spot.
I do not feel special.
This day does not feel special.
It is just a day like any other with unusually high facebook and phone activity. It might improve. God i hope so.

At the end of the day sha no matter how sad i feel i will still PRAISE!! Because i know my victory is in my Praise. I know that like Joseph God has only been preparing me for the bast which is yet to come!!

Going back to work now. So much to do since i spent the whole day on communication activity.

Gotta get to sister Bunmi's house to get my hair done. Please let my phone stop ringing long enough for me to drive!! Thank Goodness there is no network signal in her house.

That was fast and my hair looks lovely. Phone again. Awwww Dark Chocolate's mum. And mine hasn't called? Okay a call to mum now.
Who is this calling now? Dark Chocolate's dad? Okay where is my dad? How can he forget my birthday? (note to self: make wedding extra splashy so he can make up for this).

Finally ready to attend a mini-work meeting. I must be crazy. On my birthday? I just wanna go home and reply all my facebook messages and texts. But Cheddar calls and it's just for 15mins so..........

I am finally in bed with no dinner. It is such a lonely birthday. I cant wait for dark chocolate to arrive tonight. All the same PRAISE GOD for the gift of life, hope, love and promise!!


So Dark chocolate is arriving soon. I got all my gear ready.
Tea lights and scented candles lit all over the house? Check
(Note to self don't burn the house down).

My beautiful flowers are in a vase? Check

Champagne is cooling. Check

Chinese dinner has arrived? Check

Fireplace is lit? Check

Dark Chocolate is at my door!! Bye bloggy.

I am off to really celebrate my birthday now!!!